August 17, 2011


Lilies! As always, Brad, they are a delightful shock when we see them in late summer. Thanks. 🙂

They are just so pretty.

Also a surprise? Since the virus debacle, our readership has plummeted. We now have about four readers, so I’m going to guess it’s Brad, Peggy, Kristi and me. (Lloyd never reads this.) So, say what you want, guys! We’re all alone in our own little club!

We have twice as many as yesterday - up from 2!

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29 Responses to “Surprise!”

  1. Nigel Said on:

    You must have five readers at least cos Im still here like a bad smell.
    (see if that particular Australianism translates well over there)


  2. Karla Said on:

    I’m still here too! I’ve started reading via Google reader on my phone, since I’m too lazy to sit down at a computer. My phone browser is slower than natural death (thank you Blackberry), so I don’t comment much.

    If Nigel and I are also in the little club like a bad smell, does that make us the silent but deadly fart no one owns up to?

    Hi Nigel! *wave


  3. Brad Said on:

    Since it’s just us reading now, I’m going to say something shocking:
    I don’t really like potato chips.
    Ha! It feels so good to say it out loud!


  4. Deanne Said on:

    I’m here too! I come to it on my Xoom.

    I smell like refeies beans this morning. Fresh ones, though. Not the day after, if you know what I mean!


  5. Keren Said on:

    No, no, I read your posts all the time! Don’t despair. I just don’t post any replies, because they show up in the weirdest places.


  6. Gretchen Said on:

    I’m here too!


  7. Beth Said on:

    I’m going to follow suit with Brad and fess up…

    I don’t really like chocolate. It makes me seem very, very strange. I know.


    • Curt Said on:

      But don’t you like being strange?

      I wouldn’t call you strange for not liking chocolate. I would call you insane. Out of your mind. Loco. Loony….and so on.


  8. Jill Said on:

    Every day reader here. I will not be deterred.


  9. Lauren's dad Said on:

    Same here, and ahead of Mom!


  10. Lauren's mom Said on:

    What kind of lilies are those? Beautiful!! I am envious.


    • Brad Said on:

      They are called surprise lilies or Lycoris squamigera. They are really easy to grow in zones 5 to 11. Leaves come out in late winter and stay around until June. Then they die. Then, SURPRISE! Lilies come up in August. Sometimes they are also called “naked ladies”, which makes me giggle. I must confess that I didn’t plant them. The previous owner did. I did bring a bulb home and plant it in Baltimore, so I know they grow here too.


  11. Roberta Said on:

    I’m still here too--lurking via Google Reader when I’m supposed to be doing something to earn my paycheck. Meh. On to more important things: what kind of lilies are they? I think I need some!


  12. Cathy Said on:

    Still here too!


  13. Kristi Said on:

    Hey! I wrote about those very same lilies but am posting it tomorrow. You beat me to the punch, but I should not be “surprised.”

    Confession: Remember those postcard chain letters that you received when you were growing up? Well, I broke the chain. Your name was on the list, but I never sent you the postcard. That’s why you only received 35 postcards instead of 36. Sorry.


  14. Peggy Said on:

    Oh how I would love to be surprised by any kind of flower at any time of the summer! Those are quite beautiful indeed!

    And oooo….I always wanted to be part of an exclusive club. Is a confession the initiation. Ok….well….dang…I think I’ve already confessed everything odd about me.


  15. Mark Said on:

    I’m here. Count me in your ‘circle of trust’.


  16. Annette Said on:

    I’m here too! I’ve been reading all summer off and on, but am most faithful when school is in session. I have lunch with you every day.
    My secret: I LOVE both chocolate and potato chips!


  17. Candice Said on:

    Hello there Lloyd and Lauren, I’ve been reading for a while, but never got to say hello before, so hello!


  18. Jill J Said on:

    I am stalking you. You just don’t know it. Everyday I am here creeping up on you reading about your daily lives. Hee hee hee!! I just don’t post. I’m strange like that!


  19. Lauren Said on:

    Aw….. you guys. I feel like Sally Field. 🙂


  20. Curt Said on:

    What, you got a virus? When did that happen? Sorry when to catch up on your posts I read them backwards.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Well, not exactly a virus. I’m learning more about this as the days go by. It turns out that one of the image processing libraries (collection of programs) that our theme uses had some recently discovered security problems. They were recently discovered, and recently exploited.

      I originally thought the problem was with the WordPress installation, but it’s not, so you other wordpress people out there don’t have anything to worry about (well, unless you have a theme that uses this library). The name of the library is TimThumb, and chances are really pretty good that you are not using it.

      Anyway, it turns out that you can exploit that library to modify other parts of a website.


  21. Mary Ellen Said on:

    I still check your site out.
    My secret, I can’t read so I just look at the pictures and make up a post in my mind.


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