Kearney – a picture-heavy post.

February 12, 2012


The Nebraska Liberty Caucus people hosted a debate for the Nebraska candidates for U.S. Senate in Kearney this past Saturday. Lloyd wanted to be there Friday night to help set up, so we drove in and got a hotel room. *sigh* I truly love hotels – except for the whole threat of bedbugs. (I am very vigilant when I check over the room.) We stayed in a room which had an unnecessarily giant dresser to hold up the t.v.

Lo and behold – it’s not just because the t.v. might be made of lead, it housed a tiny kitchen inside!

Lloyd had already strongly hinted that I should actually go to the debate, so I did. I sat waaaaay in the back, though, and kept my head down so no one would recognize by the look in my eyes that I was an outsider. “She doesn’t understand politics! She doesn’t belong here!! Let’s try and persuade her with our arguments to be one of us!”

I was actually glad I went. I took notes on my iPod to follow what the candidates were saying (and also to stay awake) and it turns out that I do have a favorite. Deb Fischer gets my vote, and not just because she was nice to me the last time I saw her.

I was nervous taking this photo.

After the debate, Lloyd stayed for a RLC meeting and I went shopping. See? We both got what we wanted.

On the way home we decided to stop at the Kearney over-the-interstate museum. (I’m sure it has a regular name, but that’s how I always think of it.) We arrived at 2:54 and they stopped selling tickets at 3, and we were the only visitors. The entire staff was very friendly and said, “Take your time! Stay as long as you like!” but I could feel their “Dang it, we were going to get to go home early but these morons showed up” vibe.

We rushed through. It’s 10 bucks apiece, and I don’t need to go again, but I’m glad we stopped. You put on headphones and walk around as people (from the pioneer days through the 1950’s) talk in your ears about their journeys across America.

Get going, patron. We want to go home.

Kearney was a hotspot for all the big trails – Oregon, Mormon, the trans-continental railroad, the Lincoln highway, and I-80 – the first interstate to be built. As you walked from era to era the narration, lighting, and ambient noise changed, along with the life-size dioramas with their creepily realistic mannequins.

The detail creeped me out.


Just like a man – oblivious to a woman doing all the work.

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6 Responses to “Kearney – a picture-heavy post.”

  1. Gretchen Said on:

    Mannequins -- how European.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Ha! That last picture is awesome. It’s so anachronistic.

    I love hotels! I need to stay in one again soon. (And not be with 500 middle schoolers and be sleeping on the floor.)


    • Lloyd Said on:

      The room that the last picture was taken in is awesome. It goes from beautiful daytime to wild thunderstorm over the course of about 5-10 minutes. They really did it well.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I would love to go to that museum! Lloyd, you make an excellent wax figure!

    And as much as I love LHOTP, I would make a horrible pioneer! Did the women really push the wagons? Holy smokes!


  4. Kristi Said on:

    We’ve not been to that museum either. I suppose it’s going to be a field trip -- someday.

    Lloyd’s looking pretty snazzy in his shirt and tie… on a Saturday. Was he the moderator for the debate? What would his killer question be?


  5. Curt Said on:

    Hey, now I know someone who has been to that museum. I’ve driven under it many times but I have refused to take that exit due to the bad design. In January I thought I saw them building a new exit. Did you notice it or was I just dreaming?


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