Round Two

September 13, 2014


So, we went camping again. The forecast low was supposed to be in the mid-thirties, so I had scrapped the idea, but Lloyd said we should go anyway. Yay!

Some things were better this time around: 1) My friend Kate gave us a bunch of firewood, so it was nice to be prepared. 2) We broke the rain shelter last time (an elastic cord broke during take-down), so we didn’t have to set it up. 3) Lloyd took on fire-making duties and did a right fine job. Only two matches (the first one was blown out by the wind) and the waxed cardboard fired right up.


4) We were in the same spot, and 5) there was a pelican in the water. A pelican! It was surreal and beautiful. Of course, I worried about how cold it would get at night and hoped the pelican would come cozy up to our fire.


What was worse? Well, the drunk kids that showed up around 9:30. They were on the other side of our area, and they stumbled out of their cars swearing at each other and shrieking. I would have called the cops, but I didn’t know how to tell them to find us. They left after we got in our car. Lloyd thought they would leave earlier, but they somehow managed to start a fire and not freeze to death (dang it).

Also worse? The cold. No wait – that was better! I love sleeping in the cold, and it doesn’t get much colder than thirty-some degrees! We each wore our many layers plus two down blankets, and I brought the hood from Lloyd’s winter coat for him to wear. We called the hood his head tent. (Last time he wrapped a blanket around his head like a turban.) If it would have been dry it would have been perfect, but the humidity is around 80% right now and we were by a lake, so cracking the windows didn’t help. The windows were pretty drippy inside and out in the morning. We decided to cut our losses and go home for breakfast.


That actually turned out to be a blessing. As we drove around we saw the fog burn off the lake and that was beautiful!


Perfect! ….. Except for the turkeys on the road. Sorry, Lloyd.


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3 Responses to “Round Two”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I didn’t know Nebraska had pelicans.
    I thought your video would be of a pelican eating a pigeon.


  2. Deborah Said on:



  3. Mom Said on:

    Dad wants to know how many boy scout badges you got for camping out? One for starting afir, one for camping out, one for roasting hot dogs, one for the pelican.


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