February 13, 2015

Lauren, School

I am exhausted. I know lots of people are, so I’m not saying I’m more exhausted than you, but I’m tired.

Where do I start? I could go on and on about my intense dislike of holidays, but I’ve probably made that point before. This week was like we had two: our concert night and Valentines Day.

Our concert is a Love Songs concert. It’s what we do instead of a Christmas program. It’s not a busy time of year, we sing songs we already know and then we have cookies. Easy Peasy.

Except it wasn’t this year. Last year we were able to use St. John’s gym, but they had basketball games going on this year. (Thanks, Coach Sam.) Instead we had to set up in the Fellowship Hall, and as I was arranging chairs I tried to kid myself that we would all fit. Two minutes before it was time to sing, one of the moms came to tell me that there was no more room in the parking lot (basketball) and the Fellowship Hall was getting very crowded. We hauled everyone up to the sanctuary for a relocated concert led by a very sweaty, hoarse teacher. Nobody noticed me, though, because they were so distracted by the jumping children, and the one boy trying to rearrange the mosaic tiles on the altar.

And then it was Valentines Day. All the pre-work and the mental editing ‘Nope, we’re not doing that this year/ let’s simplify this/ when can I go home?’, and then the actual day (which goes much smoother than I expect), and then collapsing at night.

So, in closing, have yourself a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I am going for a Very Ordinary Saturday.

For photos, I am just going to document changes I made to our party system. They won’t make sense and they don’t have to.


The following will be meaningless. Please ignore.

Notes for Future Lauren: instead of using paper strips and stapling hearts to make crowns (which actually turns into the Waiting For The Stapler Center) do the one page color-and-cut thing.

You made hair conditioner and cornstarch Play dough. The recipe says 2 cups of corn starch per one cup of conditioner, but you used nearly 3 cups of cornstarch so it was not disgustingly slimy. Make necklaces using the scoopable stuff tub – that way beads don’t go rolling all over the floor. Pre-string the ribbons and hook on a pipe cleaner.

Have the kids paint papers like Eric Carle and cut hearts out of those. Cheaper and looks nicer. Kids make ‘fancy letters’ on the side of the box.



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8 Responses to “Valentired”

  1. Gretchen Said on:

    You are not alone with your dislike of holidays. I know a teacher who was kinda happy that her grandmother’s wake was on Valentine’s day so she could leave the whole mess with a sub. Another teacher I know was praying for a snow day yesterday for the same reason.


  2. Deborah Said on:

    I was called for jury duty yesterday so missed the first half of the day. I was there for the party, though. What’s nice is that I had 3 moms come and run the whole thing. They did a very nice job.
    I was still exhausted after school and had to stay up to pick Macy up from a birthday party at 9:45. At least I think I picked her up. . . Macy?!


  3. Deborah Said on:

    Call off the dogs. We have both girls. 🙂


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Great title Lauren!

    Deborah & Rachel--You funny!


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