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June 19, 2020


I actually think about that topic a lot, but we’ll keep this post to what the little ones say. As I was assembling the last of the cots yesterday, a small group of children were visiting with me and we were talking about the weather. I said how hot I was getting doing the work and how I didn’t like to be sweaty, and they told me how MUCH they liked getting hot and sweaty in summer. Summer is the best! “I love summer!” I said how glad I was that they liked it, but summer is not my favorite season “Why?” was their stunned response. I told how I like doing all the things that you do to warm up – snuggle under blankets, drink hot drinks, etc. They agreed those were nice, but summer was their favorite. It was a very civil discussion.

Along those lines, you should know that I like the classroom to try and be as peaceful as possible. (Get your laughs out now.) We walk instead of run, treat each other and the toys with kindness, and use a ‘talking’ volume. Running and yelling is for outside. I was sitting with one boy who has trouble with his volume, and commented on how peaceful he was. “I love it when it’s peaceful,” I sighed. “I love it when it’s loud!” he replied. Instead of telling him that he couldn’t be loud inside, I asked, “Why?” He looked far off into the distance and said, “……because it’s so beautiful……”

Ha! I was not expecting that!

Have a great Friday!

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2 Responses to “More on ‘other perspectives’”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    Well, there you have it.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I think it’s great those kids could express their opinions without saying that people who like cold or quiet are idiots. Yay for measured responses and rational discussion!


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