A weird day

February 16, 2019


Saturday was good, and also weird. I slept until 8, which was awesome! Lloyd and I went to Etc. (our little thrift store) to shop and saw Beth, which was awesome! At home I watched t.v., which was awesome! Then I decided to try and fix the key on the piano that would ring too long.

Things became less awesome from this moment. The part that is broken was hard to diagnose, and as it turns out, there is a broken wire and unfixable. In trying to put the action back on, I broke a small wooden piece. It is epoxied back together and the action is back on, but two keys are stuck. This is a problem for another day.

Back on the sofa, I heard a weird sound from the dishwasher. Water was spilling out.

When I went to the cupboard to get a pan to catch the water, I found this:

What the what? When did that happen? Oh, well.

The cutest weirdness was in the basement. Wally discovered the manger that I haven’t disassembled yet. First he tried to eat some of the ‘hay’, then he settled right in.

I said it was a weird day.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Ugh. A lot of that weirdness is awful. Sorry. It was nice of you to end with some Wally cuteness though.


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