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January 1, 2007

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 Last night we (Lloyd, Brad & I)  went to Beth and Harold’s (joining Beth, Harold, Tara & Curt Nierman) for the first annual Pester Fondue New Year celebration.  It was fun to eat melty stuff, but then the games had to begin.  I am not a game person, so Lloyd is always disappointed in me.  I played Fact or Crap with everyone, but then….*sigh*….Lloyd had to get out one of his ‘Settlers of Catan’ games.  Everyone else seems to enjoy it to some degree, although everyone agrees that it goes on WAY too long, and perhaps using a timer for everyone’s turn might be a good idea.   I usually sit around and make disparaging comments, but this time I had a digital camera to take ‘art shots’, as we call them.

Jailed in his little game pieces

(Self-portrait through water glass)

 Aaahhhh!  I scared me!

Note from Lloyd: Lauren has taken about a million pictures with her new camera. I liked some of the other pictures that she took last night, so here are a few more…

fondu fun ready to begin

burnt fondu fun: stinky cheese man

We couldn't decide what to call this with tara around

The best board game ever

Look, people actually playing

 Playing around with making Harold sharper looking

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4 Responses to “Games people play”

  1. Michele (Brad's friend) Said on:

    I’ve been wanting that Fact or Crap game ever since it came out, but I didn’t want to encourage my abuse of the word “crap” around the kids. Still, I love that game idea AND “crap” is one of my favorite words! I may have to break down and get it anyway. Is it fun?
    We too played games with my parents and the kids. Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit were our board games and I said “crap” a lot! We also had a ping-pong and pool tournament -- again my favorite word was used WAY too much as it took me about 15 turns to finally sink the 8 ball. (I was playing my mom so it was very humiliating!)
    Happy New Year to you all. Please send my buddy Brad home in one piece -- we miss him!


  2. Peggy Said on:

    I apparently live a very boring existence . . .

    My New Year’s was the height of dulldom. Until 11:45 when my son & 10 of his friends showed up. Half of them stayed until 4am, the other half spent the night.When I needed help staying awake, no one was here . . . when I wanted to sleep, the laughter & clanking of pool table balls kept me awake . . . I am however on my way to a friends house for some delicious homemade seafood gumbo. I think I’ll take a board game!


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Oh and Brad . . . unless it’s just my sleepy eyes, you look very serious in the picture where you are playing a game . . . and I was thinking instead of perfecting an angry look for your students, maybe you should just go with a serious glare . . . it will be just as effective—“serious” always scares the bejeezes out of kids!!


    • Lloyd Said on:

      That is a good look for Brad. It shouldn’t be too hard to get it teaching either. It’s sort of a cross between drop-dead tired, tedious waiting, near utter boredom and contemplating off-color jokes.


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