Not quite the worst day ever

February 18, 2007

Journal, Lauren

'Bye, ugly grapes

Change is a’comin’ again!  After ten years,  I am committed to getting the stupid grape border off the dining room walls.  (It came with the house.)  I tore off a little strip last week, and yesterday worked on soaking off the glue.  Guess what happenes when you let glue disolver sit too long on a painted plaster walls  Yeah, the paint comes off.  Grrrrr…

In other news, Lloyd and I went around the house and made a list of things that really need to be repaired around here – the humidifier on the furnace, call the basement people to see about our foundation, the peeling paint around the windows, the constantly leaky toilet, the banister railing needs fixing, and our washing machine that was just repaired two weeks ago is leaking again.  We worked for about an hour, then I had a glass of wine and a two hour nap.  That’s how things get done, right?


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4 Responses to “Not quite the worst day ever”

  1. Michele (Brad's friend) Said on:

    Margaritas, wine, whatever it takes. AND, the nap is a must!
    We have a list too. Finishing the backsplash has been on the list for five years! Good luck with your projects. I’m thinking some REALLY wide crown moulding could hide that border!


  2. Beth Said on:

    WARNING: This is a practical post. This is not a habit forming, simply a practical post that is not witty in the least and the author acknowledges it’s practicality and absence of wit.

    Have you tried Simple Green? That’s what I’ve used in the past and it’s worked like a breeze with no paint damage…but perhaps it’s too late…


    • Lauren Said on:

      I will try it! I stopped after the initial damage, so my next try was going to just be water. Simple Green, here I come!


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