Out of time.

September 14, 2007

Journal, Lauren

We went out to eat last night, and during dinner Lloyd sprung on me that a window guy was coming over at 8.  I was a bit peeved, to say the least, since that was going to cut into my ‘laying around on the couch’ time. So I ran home quick, cleaned up a bit, then put on my jammies and hid upstairs.  (I do not like when window people come over.  They’re harder to get rid of than bats.)  Around 8:20, Lloyd came up to tell me that the window people were detained in David City and would not be coming over.  Whew!  But by that time I was already in bed, so I didn’t get a post made.

I will give you these pictures that Cousin Rachel sent instead.  She says that she baked them in her car on a hot day, but I can barely believe it.  Rae, what are the details?
Slice & 'bake'


How long have those been in there?

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12 Responses to “Out of time.”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    Ha! Window people are hard to get rid of! That’s why they come so late … hoping you’ll just sign on the dotted line, so then you can get to the serious business of TV watching. And Cousin Rachel -- I know trick photography when I see it!


  2. Brad Said on:

    I read a brief reference to this baking technique the other day. The writer said this is the best car air freshener ever. Mmmmmm…

    Too bad it’s getting cooler out. I’d love to try this myself.


  3. Brad Said on:

    I once listened to a whole spiel on siding because the salesman looked like he was in high school and I felt sorry for him. He probably cursed me afterward for taking up his time and not buying anything, but at least I felt better. And my house is made of brick, so what the heck was he thinking, anyway?


  4. Brad Said on:

    What’s the record for number of uninterrupted comments by the same person in a row? Because I just did two… and with this, it’s THREE!


  5. Rae, formerly known as Rachel Said on:

    This is a test to see if i can post something. I am trying to post details for the cookies and haven’t been successful thus far.


  6. Rae, formerly known as Rachel Said on:

    Let’s give this cookie detail one more try.
    Ingredients: one package of refrigerator cookie dough. The smaller sized cookies work best.
    Directions: On any day predicted to be over 93 degrees (the hotter the better) park you car facing south, in full sun. Let the car (oven) warm up (preheat, duh) until about 10:00 am. Place cookie dough pieces on a regular cookie sheet and place on the dashboard of your car. Be sure to place a towel under the pan. This has two uses: 1)it protects your dash from the heat of the pan, 2) it proctects your hand from the heat of the pan. (We found that a reflective sun shade placed over the dash and under the pan works very well. This give you the benefit of shading your seats and protecting your dash while bouncing those warm sun rays around for baking (alah… convection oven!) Be sure to use a potholder if you use the sun shade instead of the towel. Let these lovely things bake approximately 4-5 hours. (check them after 4 hours.) Let them cool a bit as they are fresh from the oven and need to sit a bit before removoing from the pan. Enjoy with milk!
    The tops cook more quickly than the bottoms so make sure that you check the bottom before you take them out. And when they are done, they will be tender on the bottoms and crunchy on the tops -- a delightful combination, hence the name: Dashboard delights.


  7. Peggy Said on:

    Then you’ll need a new category … Dashboard Delights!
    Awesome …


  8. Peggy Said on:

    Oh, that was supposed to be “when Indian Summer hits”


  9. Peggy Said on:

    Hey Brad, I tied you with consecutive posts … I mean now,
    I WON!!!


  10. christina Said on:

    When we went to Colorado on vacation a few years ago, we had steak one night that we didn’t finish. They used those fancy aluninum pans for the left overs, so the next day we put the left over steak and potatoes in the dash when we went into one of the tourist traps, I mean attractions. At noon when we went to eat our sandwiches, the steak, which had been medium rare, was a lovely medium and oh so yummy!! I do not believe it was 93 degrees that day because we were wearing jackets.


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