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Due to my being a complete bonehead and thinking that yesterday was the 7th (and today being the 8th), I have no good post for today.  But tomorrow’s – well, at least tomorrow’s is done.

No picture today, but I can tell you a little story about Delsym cough syrup.  Did you know that one of the side effects of it is a rash?  I’ve been taking it since Sunday, and wondered why my back was getting so itchy.  Around 2 p.m. yesterday it became unbearable, and when I got home – I had some sort of lacy rash. (Of course, I didn’t read about the side effect until after I had already taken another dose. It was an itchy night.) So this morning, no rash, but the cough is back. So for the memory archives: Lauren, don’t take Delsym.

There, a very disappointing post. Especially compared to yesterday’s!


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10 Responses to “Blank Post”

  1. Brad Said on:

    No picture of the rash?

    Take a dose of the stuff again so you get the rash again so you can take a picture, okay?


  2. Lloyd Said on:

    Lauren asked me to look at her back and see if she had a rash. I looked, but couldn’t decide so I compared it to her arm and promptly declared, “No rash. Your back looks the same as your arm.”


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Hey that’s a great trick! Do you think every year when my birthday rolls around you could roll back time one day … or lets make it 10 years!


  4. Deanne Said on:

    Not disappointing at all. It’s a memory archive, and now when you forget what you wanted to remember about Delsym, you can just plug it into your search area and *alacazam* you’ll remember it was the stupid rash.

    However, that won’t answer the question, “Why didn’t I throw this silly stuff away the first place?!”


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