The Lloyd Gallery

December 1, 2008


We all know that Lloyd is the easiest person in the world to draw, right? A long time ago I asked Lloyd to draw himself, and he made himself look like a Chinese wise dude. I also asked Annette and Beth to do one, but I have lost those drawings – they are somewhere in the many piles of paper around here. I’m sorry.

Way, way back at Lloyd’s reunion, though, we passed around some notebook paper and asked people to draw him. I’ve forgotten who drew what, but I thought it was high time that these were posted. If you’d like to e-mail your own entry, I’d be glad to add it!






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6 Responses to “The Lloyd Gallery”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I drew the second one. I think I did the best job of capturing his bent head and his eyes without pupils.


  2. Deanne Said on:

    I left a comment from Daniels ipod touch. Maybe I forgot a step. I was trying to animate the boxy Lloyd in my head, and it was making me giggle.


  3. Cousin Sam Said on:

    Rachel did the one above mine. I captured the digital iLloyd heart and soul, no meer outward appearance. This is also a younger version- he was a goofy looking…


    • Peggy Said on:

      HA! I think Sam’s captures the true spirit of Lloyd!

      Now, being a horrible drawer… let me see if Lloyd is an easy as he says he is. (hehe…)


  4. Annette Said on:

    “LOST?” *GASP* My pieces are selling for millions in galleries! MILLIONS$$$ And, while some may sketch the lines of Lloyd’s well carved features, mine captured the essence! (How’s that for a disclaimer?!!)


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