Missing: Lauren’s Day of Fun. If Found, Please Call…

June 21, 2009


Lauren asked me to go to Lincoln with her yesterday. As I was assured that (a) we would only be going to Kohls to buy some pants and shirts and that (b) I could take my traditional Sunday nap on the way in, I graciously accepted. I did not mention that I was looking for some shorts.

I didn’t nap on the way into Lincoln, instead we talked about putting yet another bed at an angle and all of the other things that people talk about.

While we were in Kolhs, I mentioned that I thought we were going to that other store. So after we went to Kohls (where I picked up 2 pairs of shorts and a shirt for $37), we went to Gordmonds (two pair of dress shoes $50). I’ve been wearing the same pair of black dress shoes since Samith & Stephanie’s wedding some 14 years ago, I was due. From there we traveled on to Barne’s and Noble’s (two hardback books $12), a thrift store (iPod to TV adapter $4), another thrift store (2 CDs $8), and Sam’s Club (both nose and butt wipes $24?).

And I got to pick the songs on the way home.

P.S. I’m trying some new plugins to see if I can make the site load a little faster. Let me know if you notice a change or not.

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12 Responses to “Missing: Lauren’s Day of Fun. If Found, Please Call…”

  1. Lloyd's Mom Said on:

    It all sounds like fun to me. Did Lauren manage to find something, too?? Maybe pants and shirt? I would have loved to tag along just to look. That is the most fun to me. I think maybe 14 years outlasts your Dad even.


    • Lauren Said on:

      Yes, I found some pants and a couple of shirts, and that little crock pot in the photo is mine. (It’s from the thrift store.) The clothes shopping was the fastest part of the adventure, since neither of us like it. I think we were in Kohl’s for all of ten minutes.


  2. Karla Said on:

    Pssst! Samith and Stephanie got married 15 years ago. They got married the week after we did.


  3. Brad Said on:

    How often do you get new teacher shoes?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      They usually last me somewhere between a year and a half and two years. I wore DM for 7 years, but the plastic on them gives out before the leather, so I switched to Danner.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Yea, that looks like a super fun day for both of you!

    I have a little crock pot like that. I’ve never used it. I bought it to keep gravy warm on Thanksgiving. Do you have an intended purpose for yours…or did you just think it was cute?


  5. Stephannie Said on:

    Um, our wedding was 15 years ago as of 18Jun…

    Those are some old shoes, Lloyd!


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Well, congratulations to both you and my shoes. I was going to link to your website, but it seemed to be inaccessible yesterday.


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