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Missing: Lauren’s Day of Fun. If Found, Please Call…

June 21, 2009


Missing: Lauren's Day of Fun. If Found, Please Call...

Lauren asked me to go to Lincoln with her yesterday. As I was assured that (a) we would only be going to Kohls to buy some pants and shirts and that (b) I could take my traditional Sunday nap on the way in, I graciously accepted. I did not mention that I was looking for […]

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Lloyd’s Gigantic Day of Fun

May 17, 2009


Lloyd's Gigantic Day of Fun

Well, we went looking at computer monitors at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I never thought that Lloyd could out-Mart me. I went looking at all their cool stuff while he stood in a trance in front of a bank of monitors, looking stoic. Apparently he has been thinking about this decision for quite a while, and […]

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I didn’t even want to go.

January 17, 2009


The day started off poorly enough. You see, yesterday was a work day at school, and I spent 5 hours grading student videos of sometimes dubious quality (for which I will share a little of the blame). But I finished grading them, and that was nice. I don’t know why I mentioned that. It really […]

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Lauren’s Day of Fun

January 26, 2008


It was a good Saturday. Several good things happened, but I won’t go on about all of them because I need some post material for later days. The day began with another Ron Paul sign-waving party south of Lincoln. This time was much more pleasant than last, because the sun was shining, hardly any wind […]

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Lloyd’s Day(s) of Fun

June 10, 2007


It’s a bunch of pictures if you click on this! (more…)

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Lauren’s Day of Fun

February 3, 2007


Every so often I declare that we are going to have “Lauren’s Day of Fun”. That means that we get to do anything I say without Lloyd complaining or balking. Usually it’s just as benign as going to Lincoln, but sometimes it’s going to Omaha. Today it was going to Lincoln to go to the […]

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