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July 18, 2009


Okay, here are the names of everyone who only commented once during the current reporting period.

(blank) 1
(Not Lauren’s brother) Mark 1
Amber 1
Andrea 1
andy 1
Angel Elf 1
Ann 1
another sue 1
AQuek 1
arenas 1
arrow 1
B.E.C. 1
Bacon Heather 1
Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish 1
blah 1
Bozz277 1
brilynn 1
Buesing 1
c 1
Carol 1
carolina 1
Chris 1
Cindy 1
Cindy Carnes 1
Cindy Grice 1
Clinton Kelly 1
Colleen Sullivan 1
Dad 1
Dan Davenport 1
David 1
DeadlyDad 1
debi 1
Derek 1
Dr. Electro 1
Edem 1
ella 1
em 1
Erika 1
Erikae 1
Erin Thomas 1
esau andrade 1
Fiorano430 1
funtime42 1
Ghislaine 1
gladysb2 1
God 1
Gonzalo Estevez 1
Heather 1
iLloyd 1
Jackie 1
jacob 1
james 1
James Sanders 1
Jan 1
Janet 1
Javier 1
Jaye 1
jen 1
Jenn ( 1
Jill-Beth’s friend 1
Jill-from Colorado 1
Jim Gaffigan 1
John 1
Kara 1
kelly 1
Kirsten 1
Kitty 1
Laurel 1
Lauren’s Dad & Mom 1
Lauren’s dad (who happens to be the pastor) 1
Liz 1
Lloyd’s Hair 1
Lloyd’s little brother 1
Lloyds Youngest Brother 1
Maggie 1
Marko 1
Marty Chaffee 1
Maxxon 1
MD’ Mayor 1
Megan 1
Mel 1
Melissa 1
Michelle at Scribbit 1
mike 1
Morgan 1
Neshura 1
nings 1
osobo 1
Overlord 1
Paul 1
Petulia Clark 1
Plinio 1
QoE 1
Resale Value of Lloyd’s House 1
rick 1
rungrote athajarusith 1
Scott 1
Sherri 1
shon 1
Some other Lauren 1
Someone 1
Sommerer Sailor 1
Stephen Tvedten 1
Swistle 1
Tara and Tim 1
TeevyfefDerty 1
Terry 1
ThursdayNext 1
Tim 1
TJ Liebgott 1
TKLolicon 1
tom w 1
Tomato Plants 1
Tommy D 1
tonya 1
veron 1
Vin??cius 1
Wilma 1
zokoffecy 1

Bonus info for the number adverse: most commented on posts:

There were 3 tied at 30 each.

Finally, in a weird turn of events, three people told me yesterday that they were getting error messages when they tried to view the site. I have spoken to the site, and it has agreed to not give any more errors. However, it will also no longer give foot massages either. You win some. You lose some.

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11 Responses to “More From Stat Boy”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    Petula Clark??? I love her song “To Sir, With Love.”


  2. Lauren Said on:

    Dang it! I want the foot massages back! How am I supposed to start my day now?

    I miss you, Some other Lauren. Come back and comment again.


  3. Brad Said on:

    I like the names with parentheses. I want some. Maybe I could be
    Brad (from Baltimore) or Brad (who likes cheese)


    • Peggy (who fears parentheses) Said on:

      When I was in 7th grade Algebra, the teacher was trying to get the class to come up with a formula. Stuck at what symbol came next in the equation, he gave the class a hint. He said, “What mathematical symbol means to increase or to combine these 2 numbers together?” I wasn’t paying attention & didn’t hear his question, so of course he called on me & Ted Rockingham whispered to me…say parenthese… and so I did. Everyone laughed…and Mr. Kosher said, “Now Peg….and made some sort of example out of me”


  4. Tim Said on:

    Apparently I need to be boosting my stats. Have I really only commented once?
    Mommy would be disappointed.


  5. Peggy D. Said on:

    Anyone who only comments once must be forced to where one of these outfits for an entire week!


    • Brad Said on:

      Ha! I really like the shirt of the guy who is two to the singer’s left. If anyone sees a shirt like that, buy it for me. I’ll pay you back.


  6. Kiwe Said on:

    I know, I know, I am awful. I do read it everyday but I never have any thoughtful or funny thing to say. I am just such a boring person 🙁


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