Oh the ironies

October 21, 2009

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This is the email that I sent out this morning before I drove off:

The NE Technology Coordinator’s Fall meeting (or as I like to call it,
“The day all the computers in Nebraska schools stop working.”) Is
happening in Grand Island today. If you need me, that’s where I’ll

About an hour later I received a flurry of text messages, phone calls and e-mails, including this one:

So – as long as it doesn’t end up being a super headache for you, I am amused that the server crashed the day you were at a tech conference. I think the server read your email.

Well, it turned out to be a very good conference. Really, “conference” is probably too strong a word for it. It was a bunch of technology coordinators from across Nebraska getting together. Some were from schools smaller than Lincoln Lutheran and some were from districts with 48,000 students. Someone would complain about something and a dozen other people would commiserate that the same thing happened to them and then 3 or 4 people would offer some really good ways to deal with that problem. (lather, rinse, repeat)

It was free, and I even bummed a ride with a group of people coming from Omaha. But I’m not really looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. To keep my mind off of it, I bought this game:

It’s called World of Goo, and it’s a sort of puzzle/physics simulation type game. It’s the 1st anniversary of the game, and they are currently selling it for “Whatever you want to pay for it.” If you decide to buy it (and at that price, why wouldn’t you?) I would be interested in knowing what you paid for it. There are versions for Windows, Macs, Linux and Wii. The music is cool, and I played about 5 levels tonight before watching the movie Rounders.

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19 Responses to “Oh the ironies”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Haha! I LOVE the music that plays during that movie. I would especially like to see many different video clips set to that music. It would make anything seem terribly, terribly important.

    If I remember, I’m going to look for the music when I get home. If any of you find it before then, tell me what it is.


    • Peggy Said on:

      Heh, you are right! In fact, I’m going to start playing this music each day… as I get up, brush my teeth, turn on the TV. Ta da!

      Apparently this music was written just for the game. I downloaded it & there are like 26 tracks. I played the one entitled ‘Cog in the Machine’ like it says above, but it sounds different.


      Welcome home Lloyd!


      • Brad Said on:

        Yay! Thanks for finding it! You should hire yourself out as a professional internet searcher.

        I’m at school still, so I’ll wait until I get home to click the link. I will most definitely hit the firewall if I try to go to a music download site.


      • Lloyd Said on:

        I find the songs to generally be quite “motivational”. They set both a sense of urgency to help those little goos and a feeling that “you can do it”.


      • Brad Said on:

        I downloaded the soundtrack last night. I brought a CD of it to school. I LOVE IT! It has put me in a wonderful mood this morning. The notes that come along with the soundtrack explain many of the tracks. The movie above uses track #25. I’m listening to it as I type this comment …this terribly, terribly important comment.


  2. CousinSam Said on:

    I paid $1 for it a couple days ago. Gracen and I played it for an hour. I’m going to “donate” another copy today for $10.


  3. Lauren Said on:

    I just hope that the server will speak to him when he gets back today. They can be awfully jealous.


  4. Jeannette Buesing Said on:

    Hi! I know the post I’m referring to was on March 2, 2009, but Karla just told me about it…Where did you get the Cash Can?


  5. Karla Said on:

    Lloyd -- we got a kick out of your status reports at work. I was sharing them with the rest of my room. Thanks for making our workday a little less boring.


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