The Old Ball Game

June 5, 2011


Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. While the Cardinals have been playing well enough to be in first place in their division, I have been a little disappointed in some individual performances thus far in the season. So we went down to St. Louis over the weekend.

There were some other reasons for the trip, but Lauren will be talking about those tomorrow. But primarily, it was to spend a little time talking to Albert and Chris.

I think it’s safe to say that they both took the little pep-talk to heart, and will be bringing their A Game for the rest of the season. Albert put his considerable skills to use while we were there to enjoy it, sending two balls into the stands including the game winning walk off homerun in 12th inning. Chris threw a nice game the following evening, but we were not able to stick around for it. The Cardinals swept the Cubs, and that was nice too.

Lauren spent most of the game worried about when the sun would finally reach us. At game time the temperature was 94 degrees, and luckily it never pushed past 95. We were in the nose bleed section, but at least we were in the shade until the 7th inning with a nice cool wind. Moving back one row kept us in the shade for the 8th, but spending the 9th inning in the sun was too much for Lauren. We spent the time between the next three innings finding cooler seats.

Here we are in the 10th inning:

The 11th inning:

And the 12th inning:

If you’re a member of my side of the family and you’re reading this, you should know that, as is our custom, we do not mix Sommerer visits to St. Louis with Hofman visits to St. Louis. Trust us, this is for the best.

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9 Responses to “The Old Ball Game”

  1. Gretchen Said on:

    Oh, I’m jealous! Did you have some Ted Drewes?


  2. Keren Said on:

    That first photo looks suspiciously like my brother and his gorgeous young son.


  3. Brad Said on:

    Lauren, Lauren, Lauren…
    You’re not supposed to spend the game worrying about the sun. You’re supposed to spend the game walking around the stadium looking for weird people to watch. Then you take a break and eat some ice cream out of a tiny baseball helmet. Then you get a drink with ice in it so you can drop little pieces of ice off the back of the stadium and watch them fall a hundred feet to the ground.


  4. Lauren Said on:

    I would like to plug the ‘pour water on pieces of paper towel and drape over your knees to trick your body into thinking you’re already sweating’ process of keeping cool. I has the added benefit of keeping other people from trying to talk to you, but it does increase sidelong glances.

    Gretchen: No Ted Drewes, but some fantastic pizza!

    Keren: I know, right? Doppelganger central.

    Brad: You might have been amazed -- I actually paid attention during the last half of the game. (Not 100% attention, but still -- that’s pretty good.)


  5. Beth Said on:

    That’s where you’ve been.

    I’ve been wondering. And Tara thanks you for the lovely peony that her Mommy let her pick from your cutting garden.


  6. Peggy Said on:

    If I send you a plane ticket Lloyd, would you come give a little pep talk to the Orioles?

    And I bow in your presence Lauren…..making it thru 12 innings, in the heat, is no easy feat!


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Yes, but I do not guarantee my results.


    • Beth Said on:

      And what’s more? Lauren was at VBS this morning. With an entire class of small ones!!
      Holy Catfish. A weekend like you had…and then VBS. We ALL bow in your presence.


      • Lauren Said on:

        I’ll refrain from adding that I also opened this morning. Wait! I did not refrain!

        “A Jungle! Adventure! A journey for Jesus!
        God never leaves us -- he’s always around.
        He keeps! us! safe! when there’s danger around.”


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