The Lauren is Down

November 16, 2013

GERD, They can't all be winners.

The Lauren asked me to write a post saying that she does not feel well and will not be writing a post tonight. I’m not sure why she didn’t just ask me to write one instead, but I am complying with her wish on the off chance that it is her last.

Also, she may or may not have asked for you to express any condolences concerning her apparent illness in the form of a haiku.

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Lloyd Sommerer is a middle/high school teacher who likes to build websites, read books, grow beards, make fun of Lauren’s prototypes and eat the sauce of the picante.

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5 Responses to “The Lauren is Down”

  1. Brad Said on:

    There once was a woman named Lauren,
    Who really would rather be snorin’.
    But it’s not a trick,
    She really was sick,
    So Lloyd wrote a post for the mornin’.

    Wait… you said “haiku”? Dang.


  2. Lloyd Said on:

    Lauren is not dead
    Try not to act surprised*
    That is insulting

    *pronounced like hallowed


  3. Lauren Said on:

    cough, sniffles, sneezes
    what medicine do I take?
    cold or allergy?


  4. Kristi Said on:

    The Lauren is down.
    We wonder how long Lloyd will
    Make posts on his own.


  5. Deborah Said on:

    No one can make me write a poem.

    P.S. Feel better, Lauren.


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