Prototypin’ for Cats

July 16, 2008

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We’re leaving for a few days to attend my *sigh* twenty-year high school reunion.   The house is clean enough that we could die without shame, the stuff is almost packed up, and I’ve been working on attending to the cats’ needs.  Leaving cats when you go out of town is so easy –  just a pile of food and some clean litter.  Of course, being paranoid me, I’ve set up extra litter boxes to ensure they don’t devalue the floors.

Regarding water, I’ve got some of those plastic waterers for Pfennig, but Cricket always gets a nasty face infection when she drinks from those.  Tonight I rigged up an all-glass model for her.  I’m sure it will sell millions!

Trust me, it works.

That’s right – a board with a hole cut out of it. The mat is there to catch all the water I spilled when testing it out. I’ll be sure it’s full before we leave. (The bottle, not the mat.)

Everybody pray for us!  We’re going to try driving the whole way in one shot.  I haven’t done that since college.


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8 Responses to “Prototypin’ for Cats”

  1. Deanne Said on:

    Dear God, please be with Lloyd and Lauren as they drive all the way (to Colorado?) in one shot. Help them to be SMART drivers and know when it’s time for a break! Also let them enjoy the trip, because that’s half the fun. Amen.


  2. Beth Said on:

    No need to worry. In the improbable event of your unexpected and most tragic demise…

    I know what to do with your cats.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Maybe that board will become Pfening’s new best friend!

    Have a great trip! I hope you can post about it!


  4. Dana Said on:

    we must be the same age… I graduated in ’88 as well. You are a brave woman to be going back!

    The best reunions to go to are your spouses -- there are zero expectations. After a few of them you get to know all the other spouses and before you know you have your own private reunion.

    Have a fun safe trip.


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