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The money will just roll in…..

January 3, 2010


The money will just roll in.....

A while ago when I was trying to fix my back knots, I took a couple of really hot baths. It’s funny, but I don’t really enjoy baths -there’s only so much soaking/reading/staring at the ceiling/pretending you’re a mermaid a person can take. (If there were a t.v. in the bathroom it would be a […]

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Surprisingly, I don’t make a lot of gravy.

March 26, 2009


Surprisingly, I don't make a lot of gravy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about composting lately. Sustainable Dave has worms doing his composting right in his basement, but that’s a little too creepy for me. I’ve thought about having a worm composter right outside our back door, because then I could just toss the scraps right after I’ve scooped them from the cutting […]

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I shall call them ‘sleeves’.

February 3, 2009


Why, oh why, do I wait until the bitter end of the day to make a post?  My last shreds of consciousness long to go to couch bed, but there’s still this final task to complete.  Tonight is even worse because I forgot my camera at school, so I have to dig through old ‘possible […]

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I drew plans and everything!

February 2, 2009


As you know, my brother will be here on Wednesday, and his room isn’t clean*, so I built a shelf. Melanie, who I work with, wanted a funky storage area under her loft for some of the fun doo-dads she has for the kiddos.  It struck me as a most magnificent idea, and said I’d […]

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Prototypin’ for Cats

July 16, 2008


We’re leaving for a few days to attend my *sigh* twenty-year high school reunion.   The house is clean enough that we could die without shame, the stuff is almost packed up, and I’ve been working on attending to the cats’ needs.  Leaving cats when you go out of town is so easy –  just a […]

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I’ll grill that.

June 1, 2008


It was a Sunday of experimental food. I’ll save the Thermos cooking for another day, but I’ll tell you about dinner. It was getting late, we were getting hungry, the house was getting HOT, and I thought, “I wonder if you can grill a page of meat?” Turns out you can. Slap it (frozen) on […]

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