Ready for the zombies

August 9, 2017

Home 'Improvement', Lloyd

I was driving to the computer store to pick-up some iPads for Lincoln Lutheran students, when traffic came to a stand still. I was right at an intersection, so I thought I would just make a little jog to bypass whatever craziness was taking place ahead of me.

I went about a block and came to this house:


They are clearly working on their preparations for the Zombie Apocalypse, and who can blame them. I was impressed with their efforts thus far.  They are not yet completely around the house, but the stack is about 6 feet thick, so you could walk around on the top and pick zombies off without being in any danger of falling off the wall.

Also, I may have been playing too many zombie games this summer.  Also, there have been other posts about zombies.

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4 Responses to “Ready for the zombies”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Is that a giant stack of free heat surrounding their house? I’ve wondered about doing such a thing… heating a house with a wood burning stove. If you had the right setup, it seems like it might work well.


  2. Deborah Said on:

    Wow! That took a while.


  3. Mom Said on:

    Wood furnace works better. Ask Lloyd he picked up many a load of wood.


  4. Cousin Sam Said on:

    He has Terminix… His neighbors are screwed.


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