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Halloween- Check!

October 31, 2008


Happy Day after Halloween!   We had a very pleasant evening here.  Annette, Kate and John came over (thanks, guys), and the weather was nice enough that it wasn’t freezing cold in the house until the end of our shift. I usually keep track of the trick-or-treaters with a tally sheet, but this year I figured […]

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Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2008


Happy Halloween, everyone!  I hope your day (if you are around children) is sane, and your night is….. well, also sane.  I’ve been trying to straighten up our house a little bit since Annette and Kate (and John, I think) are going to come over to see the Trick-or-Treaters from the CDC that visit here.  […]

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Yo yo cat

October 29, 2008


(Warning: If you are eating breakfast while reading this, I say ‘poop’.) So, I dropped a poop sample off at the vet to see why Cricket has had troubles the past two weeks.  They called with the results – no parasites, thank goodness, but she might be missing some beneficial bacteria from her system due […]

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NU-Foam & me

October 28, 2008


So, Lloyd is off at Bad Movie Night, and all I managed to accomplish was to figure out which cat has diarrhea (Cricket), watch the new episode of House, and cut up some foam.  Not a bad night, right? We have a few children at school who are not really nappers anymore, so they go […]

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Just like Dad

October 27, 2008


I went downtown this afternoon for a bit.  My kids are interested in money (who isn’t?), so I went to the bank to get some ‘samples’ and one of those quarter-collecting books, and then over to our local thrift store to see if they had any money-related items.  I passed over a weird tiny vending […]

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October 26, 2008


Linens-N-Things is going out of business. Rats.  This was one of my ‘haunts’ on Lincoln trips.  I walked through and looked at the linens and the things, but I didn’t need anythings. I’m in the market for a blender, but I’m enjoying the search more than I’ll enjoy actually buying one.  The prices weren’t stellar, […]

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