April 10, 2010


You might recall that a few months ago we went to Zombieland for Bad Movie Night. There was some talk at the time that it might have been the best movie we’ve ever seen (on Bad Movie Night). Bob Krall liked it so much that he got it on BlueRay when it came out. I wanted Lauren to see it, so I asked Bob if I could borrow his copy. Bob got me a copy of my own, and I think Lauren liked it 64% more than she usually likes zombie movies.

Well, Lauren and I were talking about zombies again last week, and I thought it would be a good idea to keep everyone informed concerning the current level of zombie activity. Some of you may have noticed the Zombie Threat Level information on the sidebar.

When we first first added the Zombie Threat Level indicator it was based on what we were observing around town. The general amount of feet shuffling. People saying, “Brraaiinnnnsss.” That sort of thing.

But then I started to wonder if there wasn’t some better way to monitor the undead, so I wrote a little computer program to keep tabs on the zombie activity by counting the number of times zombies come up in the news, on blogs and on Twitter. Now, I know what you guys are thinking, “That’s all well and good, but why should I care if there’s a zombie outbreak in Florida when I’m in New Jersey?” So I decided to collect the data for individual states.

Alabama        (AL) pop:   4708708 news:  0 blog:    9 twitter:   40 Low
Alaska         (AK) pop:    698473 news:  2 blog:   10 twitter:    8 Guarded
Arizona        (AZ) pop:   6595778 news:  0 blog:    6 twitter:  148 Guarded
Arkansas       (AR) pop:   2889450 news:  0 blog:    5 twitter:   13 Low
California     (CA) pop:  36961664 news:  6 blog:  576 twitter:  780 Moderate
Colorado       (CO) pop:   5024748 news:  2 blog:   15 twitter:   83 Guarded
Connecticut    (CT) pop:   3518288 news:  0 blog:    7 twitter:   20 Low
Delaware       (DE) pop:    885122 news:  0 blog:    0 twitter:    1 Low
Washington DC  (DC) pop:    599657 news:  0 blog:    0 twitter:   53 Moderate
Florida        (FL) pop:  18537969 news:  0 blog:  333 twitter:  182 Moderate
Georgia        (GA) pop:   9829211 news:  1 blog:   10 twitter:  106 Low
Hawaii         (HI) pop:   1295178 news:  0 blog:    6 twitter:   17 Guarded
Idaho          (ID) pop:   1545801 news:  0 blog:    3 twitter:   20 Low
Illinois       (IL) pop:  12910409 news:  0 blog:   10 twitter:  325 Guarded
Indiana        (IN) pop:   6423113 news:  0 blog:    9 twitter:   38 Low
Iowa           (IA) pop:   3007856 news:  0 blog:    7 twitter:   24 Low
Kansas         (KS) pop:   2818747 news:  1 blog:    9 twitter:   53 Guarded
Kentucky       (KY) pop:   4314113 news:  0 blog:    3 twitter:   82 Guarded
Louisiana      (LA) pop:   4492076 news:  2 blog:    7 twitter:   22 Low
Maine          (ME) pop:   1318301 news:  0 blog:    4 twitter:    8 Low
Maryland       (MD) pop:   5699478 news:  0 blog:    2 twitter:  111 Guarded
Massachusetts  (MA) pop:   6593587 news:  0 blog:    5 twitter:  104 Low
Michigan       (MI) pop:   9969727 news:  0 blog:    9 twitter:   98 Low
Minnesota      (MN) pop:   5266214 news:  0 blog:    6 twitter:   65 Low
Mississippi    (MS) pop:   2951996 news:  0 blog:    5 twitter:   15 Low
Missouri       (MO) pop:   5987580 news:  0 blog:    8 twitter:  106 Guarded
Montana        (MT) pop:    974989 news:  0 blog:   14 twitter:   18 Guarded
Nebraska       (NE) pop:   1796619 news:  0 blog:    6 twitter:   15 Low
Nevada         (NV) pop:   2643085 news:  0 blog:    5 twitter:   83 Guarded
New Hampshire  (NH) pop:   1324575 news:  0 blog:    3 twitter:   12 Low
New Jersey     (NJ) pop:   8707739 news:  2 blog:   14 twitter:   39 Low
New Mexico     (NM) pop:   2009671 news:  1 blog:   17 twitter:   27 Guarded
New York       (NY) pop:  19541453 news:  8 blog: 1120 twitter:  628 Severe
North Carolina (NC) pop:   9380884 news:  0 blog:    8 twitter:  157 Low
North Dakota   (ND) pop:    646844 news:  0 blog:    3 twitter:    7 Low
Ohio           (OH) pop:  11542645 news:  1 blog:   13 twitter:    0 Low
Oklahoma       (OK) pop:   3687050 news:  1 blog:    5 twitter:   54 Low
Oregon         (OR) pop:   3825657 news:  0 blog:   11 twitter:  148 Moderate
Pennsylvania   (PA) pop:  12604767 news:  0 blog:    6 twitter:  268 Guarded
Rhode Island   (RI) pop:   1053209 news:  0 blog:    3 twitter:    7 Low
South Carolina (SC) pop:   4561242 news:  0 blog:    3 twitter:   11 Low
South Dakota   (SD) pop:    812383 news:  0 blog:    1 twitter:   10 Low
Tennessee      (TN) pop:   6296254 news:  0 blog:    7 twitter:  110 Low
Texas          (TX) pop:  24782302 news:  1 blog:  539 twitter:  383 Moderate
Utah           (UT) pop:   2784572 news:  0 blog:    6 twitter:   31 Low
Vermont        (VT) pop:    621760 news:  0 blog:    1 twitter:   17 Low
Virginia       (VA) pop:   7882590 news:  1 blog:   13 twitter:  180 Guarded
Washington     (WA) pop:   6664195 news:  0 blog:   19 twitter:  140 Guarded
West Virginia  (WV) pop:   1819777 news:  0 blog:    3 twitter:    3 Low
Wisconsin      (WI) pop:   5654774 news:  0 blog:    7 twitter:   72 Low
Wyoming        (WY) pop:    544270 news:  0 blog:    2 twitter:   10 Low

There you have it folks. Zombie Threat Level for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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8 Responses to “Zombies”

  1. Beth Said on:

    So. New York is the place to be for zombies.

    Something tells me that this post will eventually be as popular as “Getting a memory card out of an Acer”.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Yeah, that seems sort of odd to me. The rest of the country is, relatively calm, and New York is off the chart. I’m not exactly sure what to make of it.

      Something was also happening with Washington (state). They seemed to have way more zombie activity than one would expect from the Pacific Northwest. After I modified the program to exclude posts that also contained the word “congress” everything looked better.


  2. Karla Said on:

    Awesome. Thanks for looking out for us, Lloyd.

    Arron thought it was important to educate folks about how to deal with zombies, so he found this on YouTube. Kindly watch it repeatedly until you can say it in your sleep. This is the only way you can protect yourself. And don’t forget cardio.



  3. Kiwe Said on:

    I think the information is off in CA. I would say that the threat is very high, not just moderate. I see people all the time walking around and muttering things to themselves, shuffling feet, eating raw meat (they call it sushi). I think this poll does not account for all the people who have already had their brains consumed and cannot get on-line to post, or for the zombies that don’t have their own PC’s and have to go to the library to use one…I often see zombies at the library.


    • Lauren Said on:

      I laughed OUT LOUD!


    • Lloyd Said on:

      I don’t doubt that there are a lot of zombies in California already, but it’s a big state with lots of people. The data would indicate that, while the general zombie population might be around the same as the population of Rhode Island, the ratio of infected to uninfected is still relatively low. That’s all I’m sayin’.


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