Shame on you, John Harlan – Part 5 (of 5?) XHD3000 Repair

January 27, 2011

Bad ideas, John Harlan, Lauren, Lloyd

[NOTE: you might want to read parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 before you read this. It explains that John Harlan ‘returned’ a computer monitor but the FedEx box actually contained a gallon jug of water.]

When last we met, things looked bleak for our heroes. John Harlan (johnslcdrepair, johnhis11_computers, xhd3000repairman4356, computerguru43560 and lcdrepairman8733, xhd3000repairman, lcdrepairworld and lcdrepairwarehouse on eBay) had anticipated their every move, and was now in possession of  The Monitor and The $353.24.

We were in possession of a gallon of water and an email from PayPal (oh, and we also seemed to owe eBay $27.45 for helping us sell the monitor and PayPal $11.88 for handling the money.):

As previously communicated to you, we received information provided by both parties and resolved the claim in the buyer’s favor. You have the right to appeal; however, an appeal will only be reviewed in the following scenarios:

  1. You received the item back in a condition different than what the buyer stated they received in their initial claim (beyond normal wear from shipping)
  2. No item was returned (empty box)
  3. Not all items the buyer received were returned
  4. The buyer returned the wrong item to you

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, please complete the following steps:

Contact your local police department and obtain a police/incident report. The police/incident report should detail how one of the above scenarios apply to you. This report should be on the law enforcement agency’s letterhead or stamped police documentation and clearly explain the details of your issue. This documentation must include the department/officer’s contact information, the reporting officer’s name, badge number and signature.

Okay, so we just have to decide which number to go with. I think you could make a strong case for 1, 2, 3 or 4. The big question is, “How do you prove it?” It would certainly have been easier if we had opened it in front of the FedEx guy. And it would have been pretty air-tight if we had videotaped the opening of the box. But we didn’t.

We did have a witness, and Lauren has had several of our Seward policemen’s children in preschool. It probably wouldn’t hurt that the Child Development Center is about 15 feet from the police station either. But even with material witnesses and Lauren’s impeccable character, would this turn out to be our word against John Harlan’s?

Well, it turns out that John made a mistake. In his haste to get our money from PayPal, he hadn’t put enough weight in his box –and we could prove it.

Exhibit A: Weight of our packages:

Exhibit B: Weight of John’s package:

Exhibit C: Weight of Monitor (from User’s Guide)

Lauren wrote up the whole thing with in exacting detail including twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence against him. She took pictures of the approach, the getaway, the northwest corner the southwest corner and that’s not to mention the aerial photography. It was an impressive document.

Lloyd brought it to the police station on MLK’s birthday, as he had the day off from school. He explained the situation to the officer briefly and she looked at the packet. She looked at the 30lbs then at the 41lbs then back at the 30lbs then back and the 41lbs and said, “I can’t help you, it’s out of our jurisdiction.”

But Lloyd was ready for this turn of events and replied, “I know you can’t do anything to him. I just need a police report so that PayPal will give me my money back.” To which she replied, “That won’t be a problem.”

She had the police report to Lauren later that day and we faxed the impressive document to PayPal along with the police report.

Then we waited.

Four days later we received this email:

Dear Lloyd Sommerer,

PayPal has concluded the appeal of the following buyer complaint.

Transaction Details
Buyer’s name: Johns LCD Repair Shop
Buyer’s email:
Transaction ID: 4AP629312C770533A
Transaction date: Dec 13, 2010
Transaction amount: $353.24 USD
Your transaction ID: 2RN668340Y2220703
Case number: PP-002-162-263-961

PayPal has issued you a refund in the amount of $353.24 for this claim.
The refund will be posted to your account within 3-5 business days.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.

Protection Services Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

So, in a way, it’s over.  But the principal of the whole situation irks Lauren. Let’s cut back to her and get it in her own words:

I don’t like that a dishonest person tried a scam and almost got away with it. I still want him to get in some kind of trouble for this, not just have had to pay the money he should have paid in the first place. I’ve thought about taking out ads in his hometown newspaper that tell the story, or just a link to these posts. I want his mother or grandmother to know he did this – that should really be all the punishment he needs.

But then, I remember that I should perhaps take the high road on this, and that maybe anyone buying something from John (or Jonathan) Harlan from Sylvania, Ohio – owner of johnslcdrepair – might search for his name and information and just read about our experience with him and that will be enough.

Then maybe they will wish uncontrollable diarrhea on him.

UPDATE: For you, Disappointed. A little proof about the negative feedback that disappeared. 🙂

UPDATE 2: Some other reading, if you’re interested: e-mail exchange and a little advice.

UPDATE 3: Read John Harlan’s summons to appear in small claims court (fun game: find the typos!) and read how he didn’t show up for the trial (booooooo).

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91 Responses to “Shame on you, John Harlan – Part 5 (of 5?) XHD3000 Repair”

  1. Steve Said on:

    I believe this would be the easiest way to contact him:


    • Lauren Said on:

      Also, we have his address. 🙂

      Interesting side note: The return address on his package wasn’t his address in Sylvania (which we have from when Lloyd mailed the monitor.) His package had the address for a residence hall at the University of Toledo. Also, he entered the same phone number for himself and Lloyd, and it’s either a fake, or no one is answering.


    • Jake Jones Said on:

      Thanks for this thread, I recently googled “Toledo LCD Repair” to have a set fixed and this thread came up. probably would have called him without it. Scammers suck.


      • bert Said on:

        Hi Jake.
        where did you see an advertisement for Toledo LCD repairs ?
        I haven’t seen any recent posts on him, Kinda of hoped he had been run over by a bus !!!


  2. Brad Said on:

    Hmmm… that’s sort of satisfying. I guess. But I hope he doesn’t do it to someone else. It was wrong, what he did.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I am so so happy that you got your money back!!!!!!! 🙂

    But isn’t there some way to report this guy to ebay, or the Better Business Bureau, the college address he listed, the police of Slyvania? I bet he’s done this to others & you would think there would be a way to stop him.

    Have you had any contact with him since your money was returned?


  4. Kristi Said on:

    Wow -- what a saga! I am sooooo glad you won.

    Wicked John Harlan, you messed with the wrong peoples. You did NOT shop victoriously.


  5. Paul Marxhausen Said on:

    OK, so how many of your readers caught the “Alice’s Restaurant” reference in this posting? How many even know what I’m talking about?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      At least a passing familiarity with Arlo Guthrie’s catalog is assumed of all readers.

      Curiously, Lauren made me take out the Mark Twain reference as too obscure.


      • Karla Said on:

        I did! I did! And I quietly sang “You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant” after all that. 🙂


  6. Matt Said on:

    I’m going to forward this to our friend that works at PayPal and see what he says.


  7. Mark Said on:

    Hmmmm…..seeing Mr. Harlan’s mailing address makes me think that a person could collect (oh, I don’t know) like, thirty one pounds of doggie doo or cow or horse manure (out on the Great Plains that shouldn’t be a problem), and ship it to him. Postage doo…I mean due.

    Or, instead of shipping thirty pound, a person could ship a half a pound a day…for sixty days.


  8. Karla Said on:

    You should call Ebay. I had an experience with a bad seller where he kept saying my item was delayed and would ship soon. Each time it seemed so soon, so I kept waiting. When 60 days had passed, he stopped communicating with me; I couldnt find out a status, I couldn’t tell him to give my money back, I couldn’t give him a bad rating, I couldn’t contest it with PayPal. I talked to Ebay and they said they were going to put something on his account so others wouldn’t be taken advantage of as well.

    And I went to the bank and put in a Visa dispute since I paid with my debit card, and ended up getting my money back. I should have told him early on that I worked at the bank and he wasn’t going to get the best of me.

    The bank agreed with my dispute and he got a chargeback. And about 2 weeks later he shipped out my part…and never asked for payment.


  9. Lauren's mom Said on:

    About the five-part cartoon at the top of this post, I have to say that is the MADDEST face I have ever seen!


  10. Charles Said on:

    Deb just told me there is some drama going on. If it’s really in 5 parts, may I please have the Cliff Notes version?


  11. anon. Said on:

    He’s advertising a new one on ebay for a while (Could be yours !!)
    He has it as NEW other and NEW in the title , BUT Says it has a new card in the subtitle which OBVIOUSLY means it’s used and maybe could be considered refurbished ??

    EBAY doesn’t care or do anything about it !! I have reported this one and a couple other listings a few times.

    Maybe EBAY needs a bunch of reports on it to act ! (-;

    PS: Don’t drink the water !!


  12. Amy Said on:

    good job you guys!!! 🙂 You rock.


  13. thetruthisoutthere Said on:

    partial success !!
    is no longer registered on ebay

    One ebay ID DOWN !! Hopefully do in part to this !

    might want to add (if you can) XHD3000 or XHD3000 repair to your search tags for the future people that are not searching by name or IDs


  14. Gman Said on:

    I just bought a card on Feb 20 for $110 from this clown. When he never shipped it, I filed a dispute with ebay. Then I googled him and found this site.

    Sorry for your ordeal. Thanks for posting this, it was enlightening and helpful. If he ships, I’ll be sure to refuse shipment. I really dont need any bottles of water.

    What is really scary, his name and address are easily found. Screw enough people over and sooner or later someone is gonna come screw with you.



    • thetruthisoutthere Said on:

      Hey Gman !!
      I Don’t see feedback on ebay !!???
      Are you going to help him get someone else ??
      AS YOU KNOW !! Not everybody searches for info off site before buying , FEEDBACK helps, even though not everyone reads that first before buying either !!
      Been over 2 weeks since 5 people bought from that listing. No feedback in either direction from those buyers either ???
      This is why he keeps going !! That, and the fact that another 6 people have already revised their feedback over the last year or so, so he has 100 percent feedback !!

      I can’t figure some people out, they get screwed and don’t do anything to HELP OTHERS that can’t help themselves
      tell them to google his ID before buying !


      • Gman Said on:

        I did not get screwed. I pressed and he gave me my money back.

        Is he a con artist? Yes, I believe he is. Did he do anything wrong to me? No, thanks to this site, I did not let him. The worst thing he did to me was not ship when he said he was going ship. And at that time, his account was suspended which would make difficult to ship. Am I going to give him negative feedback? No. I cannot give negative feedback based on what he might have done to me.

        To a larger extent, I have done something. In my very limited use of ebay, I believe their feedback system and their paypal relationship is seriously flawed. I mean look at this guy. The good people of this site filed a police report but yet he still uses the same paypal account. Shame on these businesses. There seems to be no accountability to setup a system that can seriously weed out bad users. I have educated my peers in real life with facts on how these people abuse ebay’s various flaws and how the feedback is both ineffective and easily spoofed. They can make up their own minds.


        • thetruthisoutthere Said on:

          OH COME ON !!!
          Didn’t get screwed !!??
          BUT !! now someone else will, and probably based in part on your actions or lack there of !!
          Negative not necessary, Simple neutral with the TRUTH sure as hell wouldn’t hurt !!AND I GUARANTEE it will help at least ONE person !!
          Like I said, Just make a note for people to google the seller id !!

          Part of the problem with this world is too many people are ME ME ME !!
          RE: “feedback is both ineffective” that’s BS
          RE: ebay and paypal system is flawed, POINT TAKEN !!
          SO, do something to help it !!
          I bet you wish someone else would have posted that on feedback before you bought !!!

          at least lloyd and lauren is trying this way since they could not do it via feedback !


          • Gman Said on:

            I cannot give feedback based on hearsay. I have to give feedback based on what happened to me. Not what is listed in this site. Are you clear on that? This individual did me no wrong and I will not link hearsay in a comment. Clearly, our beliefs quite different.

            What are you doing besides harassing me? You knew about this individual longer than I have. I will throw your lack of actions accusations back at you.

  15. thetruthisoutthere Said on:

    Just a note to Gman if you are following the posts
    If you plan on getting one from blackpinkrabbit on ebay, Do not expect a manufacturer refurb there !! They do them on site !
    Ebay won’t do anything on their listings being misadvertised either ??
    I see computerguru43560 is no longer registered AGAIN but his other IDds are active.
    fix the old one.. see bammbammfran


  16. Gman Said on:

    Sorry for long comment. Short version, I got my money refunded from John Harland’s “john’s LCD Repair Shop” Sad thing, ebay and paypals non existant customer service will let people like this run rampant on their sites. From their perspective, there is no problem and I was just a dissatisfied buyer and John did what he could to make amends. From my perspective, I’m just glad I got my money back and was able to steer clear of him.

    Now the long version. Or stop reading now if boring timeline is uninteresting.

    Feb20: I order a card for $125 to repair a monitor that I have.

    Feb28: I write this to John Harland:
    Dear computerguru43560,
    Hey, are you able to ship this item? What is the delay?

    Feb28: John Responds:
    Card is shipping today.

    March 2: I log into ebay to find a tracking number. The sellers account has been canceled. I think this cant be good. The item is still shown with no tracking number. I write to John Harland:
    “I’m believing this transaction is fraud.  I will give you 24 hours to provide me the tracking number for my shipment before I file disputes with ebay and paypal.”

    March 3: I file a ticket with ebay resolution center after I find this site. I send John another message:
    “I’m learning about you.” with a link to this site.

    March 3: Johns Response:
    “Thank you very much for bringing that to my attention. I will my attorney contact that individual demanding proof of his accusations unless he wants to see me in court defending himself in a liable suit. I am going to be mailing your card tomorrow and the account has only been suspended because of non payment and will be back online sometime tomorrow. Since I can tell you are already somewhat dissatisfied with this transaction I am willing to offer you either a $25 refund once you get the product or I will be willing to extend the warranty on the card to 45 days from 30 if you have a preference please let me know ! Thanks, John ”

    March 3: Because he responded to me, the ball is in my court. I don’t want communication with this guy anymore. I just want my money back and be done with this. I raise it to customer service again saying the same.

    Moments ago: Johns LCD Repair Shop ( has issued a full refund for your payment.

    In all fairness, I do need the card and I’m generally a trusting person. But something seemed odd that he was not shipping and did not ship when he said he would. And the canceled account made the whole thing smell even worse. It was really this site that helped me steer clear of this individual. Without it, I might have accepted his offer. And to that, I owe you guys a huge thanks!!



    • bhil Said on:

      I am in the same boat… he actually filed for a refund for me… although I have yet to receive it, just emailed paypal to see when it will clear.


      • thetruthisoutthere Said on:

        You bought an item and didn’t get it ?
        Curious as to when did you buy the item ?
        and was it a used or new board or monitor ?


      • ebay seller Said on:

        Well ? I was going to recommend that you should leave appropriate feedback so that someone else may not get screwed.

        Unless you feel like you didn’t get screwed as Gman feels that he didn’t .
        Maybe ?? if Gman had left feedback, you would not have been in this boat too ???

        BUT !!! it seems the clown is NO LONGER REGISTERED — AGAIN !!!??
        He is like the wind— Comes and goes !!


  17. Tom Said on:

    I ordered a “brand new” card from John, and low and behold, the thing stopped working after a few weeks. I am not even bothering with trying to get things to work with him. I already filed for a refund. This is madness.


  18. Gman Said on:

    So I have a 30″ Samsung 305T monitor and the logic board is toast. Its the same board that is used in the Gateway monitor. I already knew the problem with the altera chip before I even searched online. When you use freeze spray on the part, the monitor issues instantly disappear. I’m guessing the part gets to hot and/or they might have cold solder joints.

    Decided to do my own repair. Last night i desoldered the Altera part and clean up all the pads with some solder wick so that everything is smooth. I also used degreaser to clean off any flux and any other contaminants.

    Tomorrow I will try resoldering the part (going out for some drinks tonight and doing this after a couple drinks prolly not good idea) Oh, I’m a EE and have all the equipment and this kind of procedure is not foreign to me. With any luck, I’ll have a working monitor again.

    I saw these boards posted for sale in mainland China. The are selling for 120 yuan. That is less than $20. Sigh. The sites seem to take Chinese bank cards and no visa/mastercard/paypal or anything i recognize.


  19. thetruthisoutthere Said on:

    You are not getting a good board from china for 20 bucks.
    You would be lucky to even get one that worked for 100.
    Scammers in China are worse than those on ebay and you have no recourse on your money if you get one there.
    TRUST ME !! Been there , did that !!! $130.00 BYE BYE !! advertised as NEW board was used and half ass fixed and lasted 3 minutes. Contacted 3 other sellers there that claimed they had them, AND they did not !! They use these items as door openers to their other stuff which shows how stupid they are !!!
    Be thankful that they are hard to purchase from.


    • Gman Said on:

      Did you end up finding a place that sells boards that you had good luck with? I prolly have about a 10% chance that my repair work didn’t roast the chip.

      Didn’t sound like you were impressed with blackpinkrabbit.


      • thetruthisoutthere Said on:


        A THOUGHT !?? Guru may have intentionally not paid his ebay fees . If he waits a month, and opens back up by paying, he can avoid negatives on sales like yours and possibly 1 or more from the other 4 of the same item that sold ??

        -no- not impressed with rabbit who purposely has “manufacturer refurbished” on their board listings especially after they emailed me back in December that they were not and that they fix them themselves !!!

        After asking this:
        Are these boards really refurbished By Samsung ? or do you know someone in China that fixed them ??
        If they are from samsung, Do you have proof that you bought them from Samsung or a receipt
        that says they are refurbished boards

        I received the REPLY below from S.Guo :
        “i am sorry that i cant prove it, but as the picture shows you can see this is the original board but refurbished by us, we do computer repair and board repair as well, if you are inserted in buying this board, let me know.Recently we only accept money order and paypal payment method if you dunt feel like to buy on ebay: )”

        PLUS, I know someone who did buy one and it lasted about 2 hours , then when they returned the board, rabbit claimed it wasn’t the one they sent !!

        PS: Sorry to see Tom bite the bullet and get shot in the foot.
        Pull out the tommygun and go hunting for him.


  20. big brother Said on:

    He’s back up
    must have paid his bill ??
    computerguru43560 is now xhd3000repairman43560
    wonder why he changed his user name ????
    NEW NAME to add to search tags !!


  21. big brother Said on:

    Glad to see that she is not forgetting about him any time soon !!


  22. Henry Said on:

    Working on trying to get my money back right now. I summit-ed this paypal’s claim department as soon as his “refund” bounded

    March 3, 2011: I made payment to John’s $670.00 invoice for a XHD3000 LCD which consists of the following. (Image of items and weight below.)Exhibit A: Weight of Monitor (from User’s Guide)(30.1lbs before packing it.)

    March 21, 2011: I contact John because the package has still yet to arrive and he issues me a full “refund” via Echeck. March 22, 2011: I get a package that only has a CD-ROM and User guide as shown in the image below.Exhibit B: Package received and weight on lable

    The tracking number is circled on the bottom and the weight of the package says 32lbs(which i presume he wrote in himself on the shipping label when the item was sent. But as show below you can see he clearly sent an envelope with only two items that really only weighed .4lbs. Exhibit B: Package received

    The true weight can be seen itself when you look up the provided tracking number the FedEx website which I provided below and can be verified yourself:

    March 24, 2011: the refund has been denied and seller and insufficient funds in his account.Please review my evidence I have provided you. Thank you


    • Lauren Said on:

      Henry, you’re a good man to keep all your packaging. Keep us posted, please.


    • ebay seller Said on:

      32 pounds in that envelope !! Wow !!
      At least lauren and lloyd got a box and some water !

      HE IS BACK on ebay AGAIN !!

      You can thank the people that wouldn’t leave feed back for this !!


  23. eye in the sky Said on:

    hey guys
    here he goes again !!!
    NEW ebay name


  24. Thankful Said on:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. I too am a victim of Gateway and own a $1200 “paper weight” monitor. Hoping to fix my monitor, I was just about to make an ebay purchase from John Harlan when I found your website. I can’t thank you enough for saving me!


    • eye in the sky Said on:

      If people would leave feedback. You wouldn’t have to search off site to be saved from him!
      I just noticed that he posted feedback to about 3 or 4 buyers who had not left feedback for him ?? Which probably means the deals fell through or they also got screwed. Funny, how He waited for just over a month to post feedback too, Yet another game in hopes that the buyers can no longer leave feedback ?? BUT, they can in most cases for up to 60 days if they look in the right place !!!

      glad that you did search before buying !

      It isn’t a paper weight if you go to the right person to have it fixed. He can also get you a NEW board if that is the route that you want to go. There are still some honest sellers on ebay !


  25. Hip Hip Hurray Said on:

    Hip Hip Hurray !!!!
    Took 2 months, but someone finally left feedback !!
    3 cheers to Member aykromatic who left this negative:
    “Never sent, continualy says he will ship, now im out of dispute time, DONT TRUST”

    I’m posting this in case he gets the buyer to change it like he has done in the past on 5 or 6 feedbacks !!


  26. boo Said on:

    boo !! Hiss !!!
    Now selling under xhd3000repairman
    He is one determined rat !


  27. Disappointed Said on:

    Goes to show EBAY SUPPORTS CROOKS !!
    feedback wasn’t revised !! IT WAS REMOVED !! which means ebay did it.
    They obviously do not care one bit about buyers !
    All they care about is sellers so that they can make MORE MONEY !! That’s corporate America for you !!!

    He’s kissing someones ___ .
    He has 6 feedback revisions not including this and according to the ebay site rules, 5 is supposed to be the max per 1000 feedback !!!

    Who says money and knowing people in certain places doesn’t help !!


  28. GEEEEEEZE Said on:

    Must be a new month !!!!
    Guess he’s trying to play Hide-n-seek !! !!
    Now lcdrepairworld


  29. GEEEEEEZE Said on:

    added ANOTHER tag
    Now he’s claiming to be in Toledo and Sylvania ???
    Evil Twin !!???? LOL


  30. LCL Said on:

    I left negative feedback after a bad transaction.

    He filed an information request and then:

    -created accounts on ebay and gmail as (my acct names)+1
    -sent an email to himself from the new fake accounts purporting to be me
    -this fake message demanded a free refund and added threats for non compliance
    -believing these new fake accounts to be mine ebay froze my real account
    -after calling ebay the rep said they could not definitively establish who created the new fake accounts. Only that they were created right after I left negative feedback, my account was unlocked
    -the rep read the fake emails back to me believing them to be real, so saddening to be accused of writing threats at a 3rd grade level.


  31. Ernie Said on:

    Samsung_repair is his new ID on ebay now !
    I guess he is full of tricks !


  32. Fran Said on:


    I had an item listed to compete with him, HE DIDN’T LIKE IT
    So he buys it from me on ebay
    No emails
    marks it as payment sent without having an amount or address
    He does NOT pay as I Knew he wouldn’t so I file for non payment

    NOW !! to get out of his own shit !!
    HE OPENS AN EBAY ACCOUNT USING MY PERSONAL INFO and goes and sends himself some nasty emails and even buys an item from a guy who is probably one of his friends

    This causes this account that he created to get shut down plus two of mine since the same name and address were used for this new account !!!!

    He is a f’kin Piece of Shit and that is being nice
    PARDON MY FRENCH, But I am truly French and I needed to vent
    Feel free to edit if you must L&L
    AKA bammbammfran on ebay


  33. Fran Said on:

    ltm300m1c8lv3.2 BUY NEW
    search real part number BN81-02450A

    That way this prick can’t take you for a ride too


  34. Nick Nightngale Said on:

    This guy also ripped me off for a logic board and a main board. He is still all over ebay. I had his phone # and address in toledo and in slyvania but he is probably involved in identity theft of John Harland. I am open to buy new parts but shit its about $550 or so. I only paid 800 for this damn thing. Ive been using my crt for a few months and my anger is increasing.

    What can we do since ebay or paypal wont do jack? We need some smart people to track his ip and location. He obviously has to pick up these items so we could place and order or email him saying we are shipping the part to him since he wants the tracking number. Wait for the package to arrive and confront the bastard.


  35. Nick Nightngale Said on:

    Anyone know the part # for the mainboard?


  36. Fran Said on:

    Did you buy from him on ebay ?
    How long ago and What item number ?
    How did he screw you out of 2 boards ?? did you send in a monitor for repair or did you buy one of his used ones that he advertises as NEW ?


  37. Richard Said on:

    Could have done with finding this site before sending my defective LG Monitor logic board and paying upfront for the replacement.

    EBAY name:samsung_repair -- no longer a listed seller.
    Positive Feedback -- 100%
    Feedback Score: 177
    Paypal name: JOHNSLCD
    Email address for
    Name: John Harlan

    Address I was asked to ship the part to:

    Samsung Repair
    4507 Promenade Lane.
    Sylvania, Ohio 43560

    There is a new seller on ebay selling exactly the same product. Same photos/ price etc


    I’m going to get my money back one way or another, but what the hell Paypal/ Ebay? How could that guy still be trading with either of you?


    • Richard Said on:

      Oh, and he was kind enough to warn me about this kiind of thing:

      Subject: RE: LTM300M1C8LV3.2 STAY AWAY FROM BAMMBAMMFRAN_0 you will get scammed
      Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 01:16:19 -0400

      Stay away from BammBammFran_0 here on eBay the guy is a serious scammer and has like at least five user names that I know of that are suspended. Check for yourself

      Look up these user ID’s on eBay





      Even if you don’t do business with me whatever you do don’t go to him as you will end up getting burned !!!


      • Fran Said on:

        As far a lcdrepairwarehouse. That is john harlans alterEGO !!!!!
        Only reason that is still there is because he registered it under a Toledo address. Call ebay and mention that to them, maybe they can link the two.

        As far as BammBammFran_1 BammBammFran_2 and XHD3000_parts —
        Those are 3 fake IDs that Harlan created when he used the real bammbammfrans Identity and fake Gmail emails to create them !!!!AND EBAY LET HIM !!
        Harlan also made an _4 and _5 ID using my brothers personal info!!!
        The REAL bammbammfran is Just that !!!No underscores, No numbers after the name.
        GO AHEAD AND CHECK SCORE AND RATING THERE or GOOGLE !!! Not even close to a scammer !!
        Only reason the real bammbammfran ID is unregistered is because the name is linked to the fake IDs that Harlan created !!
        F-in EBAy a-holes are just as bad as this f-in SCUMBAG and have been dragging their feet for 3 weeks trying to sort out what is right in front of their BIG noses and lazy asses !

        You can contact me through listing # 260809234702
        Have to list through a friend an using unconventional ads because of this HARLAN LOWLIFE POS !
        Wouldn’t mind seeing his emails — May help


      • Fran Said on:

        Info from ebay to show they are the same Moron
        User ID Effective Date End Date
        lcdrepairwarehouse May-04-11 Present
        xhd3000repairman Jan-24-11 May-04-11
        kingipod43606 Oct-06-09 Jan-24-11
        User ID Effective Date End Date
        samsung_repair Jun-02-11 Present
        lcdrepairworld May-03-11 Jun-02-11
        xhd3000repairman43560 Mar-06-11 May-03-11
        computerguru43560 Nov-06-09 Mar-06-11

        3 of the IDs that he told you not to buy from are no score IDs that are under a month old !! So you wouldn’t buy there anyway !!
        He didn’t give you the real ID because that is a 100% 3000plus feed ID that has been there 7 years USING THE SAME NAME !!!!!

        He is back on —- YOU SHOULD BAIL !!!
        IF NOT, Make sure to leave appropriate feedback,
        Not like
        Which are people that he left feed for BUT they never left feedback !! WONDER WHY !!????

        Did you see !! HE HAD TO BUY A POWERSELLER MUG item 160557947354!!
        Can’t earn one legitimately !!


    • Fran Said on:

      I kind of tried to warn everyone with listing
      and hoped people would read between the lines and search the real board number and go direct to Samsungparts for one.

      I could not directly come out and say what I wanted to say without ebay getting on my case !


      • Richard Said on:

        I’ve already posted one email. Below are the others:

        Bad luck for John. I don’t get mad I get even 🙂

        Paypal and Ebay have got some questions to answer as well.

        From: John Harlan

        Sent: Friday, June 17, 2011 7:39 PM

        To: ‘richard _’

        Subject: RE: LTM300M1C8LV3.2 STAY AWAY FROM BAMMBAMMFRAN_0 you will get scammed

        Hello Richard,

        I would advise you to go ahead and purchase this see eBay item number 250839219250

        Once you have taken delivery of the new card you can then send me your old one if you still wish to do so and I will refund you the amount of $100 assuming the defective card meets the requirements that I have outlined in my trade up listing.

        The card will be shipped via FedEx International Priority so it will be delivered fast however this does cost an extra $45 I would be happy to offer you a less expedited shipping service if you wish.

        If you wish to have the part shipped using a slower shipping service please write me back and I will make adjustments to the listing so that you can have that option at checkout.

        Please write me back if you have any further questions!



        From: John Harlan
        Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 7:58 PM
        To: ‘richard _’
        Subject: RE: LTM300M1C8LV3.2 S

        Hello Richard,

        I have made a few changes to the eBay listing so hopefully it will now let you check out properly.

        Make sure you try and purchase eBay item Number 250839219250

        However if it still does not let you successfully pay then alternatively to calling eBay and having to wait you can just pay inside of PayPal using the PayPal money request that I have sent you to this email address!

        If you have any further issues with sending payment please let me know!




  38. Richard Said on:

    I’m wondering if this board being sold is the one that Mr. Harlan received from me:

    Seller: 315244


  39. Richard Said on:

    This guy might know all the Ebay scams, but he is not so good at covering his tracks.

    I’m waiting on a bit more info and then I will be able to hunt him down.

    From his email IP chain:

    The University of Toledo, Ohio
    Received: from JohnHarlanLap ( [])

    Macomber Street Toledo
    Received: from ( [])


  40. Richard Said on:

    Needless to say I have not received an email from PayPal. Oh, and I didn’t get his email saying he would be delivering on or around the 4th. Not the email saying he had received the card. In fact, since John received the card and the money I have not heard from him. Not until today anyway.

    —--Original Message—--
    Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 6:10 PM

    Subject: Re: You’ve received an invoice (0002) from John Harlan


    I fully intend on shipping you the part that you ordered or at least I
    did until you opened the PayPal dispute. I have already refunded your
    payment inside of PayPal and you should have gotten an email from them
    informing you of that! I do not appreciate your emails/threats. The
    invoice that I sent you clearly stated that the item would be delivered
    on or around July 4th today is July 1st and you opened the dispute on
    June 29th. I got your defective part and sent you an email to that
    effect so from where I am sitting so far the only person who has failed
    to meet the terms of our agreement is you! I have not decided yet if
    I am going to ship you the part or let the refund that is pending
    inside of PayPal complete and ship you back your defective part but
    whatever I do decide I will meet my legal obligations to you being that
    I will either provide you with a new LTM300M1C8LV3.2 card or I will
    refund you in full and ship your defective part back to you !

    Thank you00



  41. Richard Said on:

    Oh and one more email.

    —--Original Message—--
    Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 6:12 PM

    Subject: Re: You’ve received an invoice (0002) from John Harlan

    P.S. The guy who posted that story is currently being sued as well for
    libel as I can prove that it is not true but please tell me how you
    want me to handle this. Do you want your money and card back or do you
    want the part that you ordered ?



  42. Bert Said on:

    On or around the 4th !!
    HAHA !! Was he planning on shipping by express today !! I DOUBT IT !!
    You probably would not have heard from him at all if you did not file with paypal !


    His Other ID is now unregistered !!!! THAT MAKES THREE of his that are down !! johnhis11_computers, johnslcdrepair and lcdrepairwarehouse

    Funny how he is warning you about others that might scam you and are unregistered — too bad you can’t see the feedback on those other accounts that he is hiding using private feedback !!

    Curious ?? WHY did he send you a paypal invoice to you if it was an ebay sale ???


  43. Richard Said on:

    The transaction would not go through on Ebay when it got to the credit card authorisation with PayPal. I advised John of this. He told me he had only just relisted the product and to try again with a new EBay item number. It failed again. He sent me an invoice via PayPal and I paid it. I then sent the card to the address he requested. It seems that by paying the PayPal invoice via email the transaction was not registered on EBay. I naively thought the PayPal Invoice was generated via EBay.

    I only registered with EBay to make this transaction. It will be the last.

    No worries about getting the money back. I’ll get it from PayPal or my credit card.

    John seems to think that PayPal will cease action if the money is returned. Most likely they will. I won’t.

    —--Original Message—--
    Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 8:24 PM

    Subject: Re: You’ve received an invoice (0002) from John Harlan

    I don’t even know what to say to this except that I am returning your
    money and your card since you seem to be under such a strong impression
    that I am trying to scam you I feel that in order to protect my own
    interests it would be best if I do not complete this transaction!
    Please stop threatening me I will be able to prove that I sent you a
    full refund and shipped your card back to you and if you continue to
    harass me after this takes place then I will file a complaint with your
    local police department. Go right on ahead give PayPal a call and they
    will tell you the same thing that I have, that a refund is pending and
    as far as they are concerned once the money has been deposited back
    into your PayPal account the matter is closed!
    Thank you
    P.S. I know all about IP addresses and tracking but I have nothing to
    hide so I dont need to hide them as I was not going to scam you, you
    have only convinced yourself that I am based on a blog that someone
    wrote (which by the way if they wanted too they could have wrote that I
    was the first man on the moon as well) My eBay feedback speaks for it’s
    self as does the $50,000 plus dollars in net sales that I have had in
    the past 18 months on eBay!
    Your refund is already in progress call PayPal if you have any
    questions about that and your defective card will be shipped back to
    you on Tuesday, July 5th as Monday, July 4th is a holiday here in the


  44. Richard Said on:

    6th July update. Yesterday I get a notification from PayPal that a refund credit was declined by John’s bank. John stated he would return the card, but he has not provided tracking details.

    John claims he has 10 employees. I wonder if the IRS have records of that, or if he has being paying tax on his claimed $50,000 turnover on EBay.

    John claims he is selling genuine parts. I wonder if his company accounts can verify that.

    I wonder if his company records can prove he was holding parts in stocks that he advertised as being available for sale.

    I wonder if his home address is a registered business address.

    Time will tell. If he can’t prove the above, regardless of whether PayPal refund the money he would clearly have been committing fraudulent activity.

    It’s time for John to face the music.


    • Bert Said on:

      More than likely , ALL LIES !!!!
      50k in sales !!! I add up his feedback on all sales feedbacks and I get around 18K !!
      so either he is LYING or 30k worth of customers were not satisfied enough to post feed, or the deals never went through !!!

      10 employees are probably his 10 fingers which should all be broken so he can’t touch a keyboard !!

      I believe 4507 promenade is his parents house which can be found on google earth.

      STOCK !! Another HAHA !! I don’t think he can afford stock which is probably why your refund was rejected ! NO MONEY left of the 50K !!
      He more than likely orders as needed from

      BIG BS artist in my opinion !

      I see he is working on getting his accounts back up !!


  45. Richard Said on:

    Bert, how do you know he is trying to get his account back up? Which account?

    Has anyone done a Background Report check on John or his parents?


  46. Richard Said on:

    He is back!

    Member id samsung_repair ( Feedback Score Of 177)

    100% Positive feedback

    Consistently receives highest buyers’ ratings
    Ships items quickly
    Has earned a track record of excellent service


  47. Richard Said on:

    Could this be John’s latest EBay ID created on the Jun-07-11?


    To be added to his other ID’s



  48. Toppo Secret. Said on:

    Richard, please give me a way to contact you. E-mail or instant messenger or whatever you feel most comfortable with. I have some interesting information about John.


  49. Will Said on:

    so this guy owes me a refund and he says he will send it…said it two times…but hasnt sent nothing wat should i do =/


  50. aleic Said on:


    I SO WISH I FOUND THIS A FEW MONTHS AGO. John did it to me as well. I bought what was to be a brand new XHD3000 and we agreed to split the payments. I then got my hours reduced at work so I asked him if we could space out the payments over 2 months (he knew right away this would work in his favor) so finally I send him the final and its now about 80 days after the original (and outside of the dispute) so I get all excited about the monitor. A week + goes by and not a peep. I get frantic and the excuses start. Finally 10 days later I get a tracking number with a weight around 30 pounds. What arrives, a small box with a DVI cable in it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!I lost it. So I call and left him a msg on the number he put on the label. After 7 messages he emails me and tells me he was GOING TO DEFRAUD ME but because I was so persistent he was sending me the monitor finally. He had me at this point so I gave him the chance and finally I see something on the way to me. The box arrives and as promised the monitor is inside all busted and broken. No speaker, no remote. It was shipped that way. I went round and round with this SOB and even filed a claim but Paypal said because I did payments it was against their terms of service and denied my claim. What infuriates me is this guy has a long history and paypal knows it and yet they sided with him. I actually went to the length of getting a lawyer and even had a letter drafted but realized it would add several hundred dollars to the loss I was already out. I just cant believe this slimebag hasnt been arrested yet


  51. Sonny Said on:

    I am in the process of fixing a Samsung 305t and came across this article. I happen to be a Engineering graduate from the University of Toledo and during my freshmen year a John Harlan lived across the hall from me back in 2008. If it is the guy I am thinking of he was a tall, awkward looking computer geek. I’m sure he will get what is coming to him and is probably living in his parents basement. Good luck to the rest of you in dealing with scammers.


    • ZYFER Said on:

      He should be careful, trying to rip so many people off is going to come back to you. All it takes is the wrong person, the type that tends to hold a grudge…

      Even so, the police officer was right, since it was fraud across state lines, that makes it a federal crime. Contacting the FBI’s Cyber Division is what you should have/be looking into. It is one reason why people like him will avoid the USPS, and it makes the crime even more severe. It is important to contact the FBI though, as they might not look into small things, (something scum like him counts on) but with the mounting reports of fraud such as this, turns it into a criminal operation that the FBI would then look into it. For them, it should be easy case with all the factual evidence people could bring to light.

      His tactics as you have proven are legal threats, which has no basis, just an attempt to scare, it isn’t a new thing. If he doesn’t learn his lesson, he will just continue on doing this, creating new ebay/paypal accounts is quite easy to do, but is quite traceable. He just figures he can get away with this stuff because you are individuals. Pull this on a company, and you’d see how quickly police would come knocking.

      Here is a link to report Cyber Crime to the FBI if anyone has been victim of this person.

      Anyone who has ever been victimized by him should file a complaint. Even ones like Lloyd and Lauren here who have been made whole by a third-party. The amount of time lost and stress you incurred makes you a victim, including all the legal threats. It takes little effort to sue people these days, it takes more to defend yourself from a case where the other person will never show up. He was probably just laughing at you for wasting all your time. Some people get a kick out of that sort of thing.


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