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Back to Normal?

November 30, 2011



It was just about exactly this time last week when I started dismantling the old site to get rid of some problems that I couldn’t seem to get rid of any other way. Then my dad ended up in the hospital (he’s recovering nicely), and Lauren and I ended up jumping in the car and […]

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Swimming upstream

November 29, 2011



I’m not a strong swimmer, so this isn’t a very good analogy for me, but lately I’ve been feeling like I’m swimming against a current: moving all the time but not really getting anywhere. I haven’t been prepared for anything this week, and as soon as I bumble my way through one thing, there is […]

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Arrrrggghhh. (Fist Shake at Math) Or: Why a chalk line is very, very important when hanging a handrail for stairs.

November 28, 2011



While we were down in Missouri, Lloyd and I tried to think of things we could do to help his parents. We’re not going to be available to help feed the cows or anything, so we decided to devalue their house a little. Lloyd actually did a fine job installing a hand-held shower attachment, but […]

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Dear, dumb dog.

November 27, 2011



Lloyd’s parent’s have a new-to-them big dog, Bandit. Bandit is some sort of giant, fluffy thing that is all muscle and bark. When Lloyd’s mom (Jane) and I pulled into the driveway late Thursday night (Lloyd had gone to stand in line with his brothers at Best Buy), I confess that I was a little […]

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Things in the hospital.

November 26, 2011



Lloyd’s dad is in a very nice hospital. Being fascinated by things, here are some items of interest I’d like to share with you: The tiny little sink in one of the bathrooms: The ice/water machine, which dispenses rabbit-turd ice, the best ice known to man: The flooring: (When Stephannie had her first baby we […]

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November 25, 2011



Well, I don’t know what to tell you. We’ve been sitting in a hospital all day and nurses and doctors have come in, and Lloyd’s dad is going to have multiple-bypass surgery on Tuesday morning. For something completely different, here is a picture of Lloyd and his mom feeding the donkey this rainy Saturday morning.

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