Less is more

November 16, 2011

Cheap, Gadget, Lloyd

You might remember a few months ago that I sort of dropped my iPhone a little. I wasn’t worried, because I had purchased insurance for it. But I wasn’t in any hurry to be without it for a couple of weeks and the deductable was $50.00, so I just lived with it.

poor little iPhone4

I really wanted to get a wooden back. Lauren even thought it would be cool, so I looked for a place that I could order one. Unfortunately, the one place I found a nice walnut back didn’t ship to our zip-code (I know, what’s up with that?).

I did find a nice one for $16.38. It took all of three days to make it to our zip-code. It came with instructions and a screwdriver. It was easy to take the back off, and I looked around a bit.

Mostly battery and screen

But what is that stuff around the camera?

hair today, gone tomorrow

This calls for a closer look. Note: this is the first time that I have been glad that Lauren likes to have a microscope around the house.

not what I expected

There were lots of little hairs, and they were only present around the camera assembly. I wondered for a bit if they were Steve Jobs’ hairs that were put into iPhones so that he could one day be cloned, but decided they were not quite the right color.

So I got out a little brush and a tweezer and began the removal process.

there were more than I expected

Once the hair was removed, it was quite easy to put the new back on.

it makes me feel rich

Tomorrow I’ll be convincing 7th graders that I’m testing a prototype for the new iPhone5 for Apple.

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6 Responses to “Less is more”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I’ve been thinking that the camera I carry in my pocket is full of lint, because my pictures have blurry spots in them sometimes. But maybe I was wrong -- maybe my camera is full of hair.


  2. Lauren Said on:

    They are such fine little hairs -- like little eyelashes. Could they possibly be from elves? I wouldn’t rule it out -- elves work for cheap.


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    I’m a little worried that the new back will get scratched up really quickly. I am also worried that I won’t like what we’re having for lunch today.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Lloyd, you are a man after my own heart. I LOVE that you’re going to tell the students that you’re testing a new phone! HA! (you really are right? Because that is something I would totally do.)

    I wonder where the hair came from? I hope your phone works okay without it.


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