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Jury Duty (part 1 of 2)

February 28, 2014



I had Jury Duty this week, and I’ve been boring Lauren with the details (that were not directly related to the case) all week long. Now that the trial is over, I can bore you with them as well. That’s your warning. It’s going to be a longish post. Feel free to zone out. First […]

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A fine fine mist

February 27, 2014



It’s been crazy dry around here. The humidifier on the furnace was having some leaking trouble, so we just shut it off. The cat’s fur sparks when I pet them, and I have a slight bloody nose each morning. So, to fix the problem, we fixed the humidifier. Just kidding! That will never happen! We […]

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Messing with kids’ minds.

February 26, 2014



I subbed in our church’s nursery this past Sunday. The regular lady had gone to visit her family, so I nervously said I’d help. I was worried because the children in the nursery are of the ‘in-diapers-and-not-yet-verbal’ type which are not my forte’. It worked out fine, though, because there was nobody from 10-11, and […]

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“Special” means “Watch Out”

February 25, 2014



Lloyd loves Special K Red Berries cereal. He never gets to eat it. The trouble is, he doesn’t eat cereal on any kind of regular basis. I also love Special K Red Berries cereal. I eat cereal every morning. (Twice on Mondays and Thursdays.) If there is Special K Red Berries in the house, I […]

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He looks 500 years younger.

February 24, 2014



Thank you, Best Buy, for having a cool beard trimmer for sale. Unfortunately, Lloyd went from looking like my ancestor to my son in less than ten minutes.

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Allllllmost private

February 23, 2014



I was finally home when there was daylight! I can tell you about the window covering! You have seen many, many examples of how I cover our windows here – some good, some bad – but by far, the best option out there is that pretend stained-glass stuff that they sell. (We are having trouble […]

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