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More From Stat Boy

July 18, 2009


More From Stat Boy

Okay, here are the names of everyone who only commented once during the current reporting period. (blank) 1 (Not Lauren’s brother) Mark 1 Amber 1 Andrea 1 andy 1 Angel Elf 1 Ann 1 another sue 1 AQuek 1 arenas 1 arrow 1 B.E.C. 1 Bacon Heather 1 Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish 1 […]

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This Just In From Stat Boy…

July 5, 2009


This Just In From Stat Boy...

I’ve done a couple other posts on number of comments, but it’s been over a year since the last one. Lets see where things stand now. This is not a complete total; just the posts since the last summation (which happened on February 9th, 2008)… Lauren 938 Peggy 663 Brad 623 Beth 591 Lloyd 581 […]

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The Lauren Made Me Do It.

June 29, 2009


The Lauren Made Me Do It.

We were watching a movie on the new monitor a few weeks ago and it was skipping frames. Lauren asked why it was doing that and I said my computer was too slow for the fantastically amazing resolution of the new monitor. She said I should get a new computer. I actually just changed the […]

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Lloyd’s Gigantic Day of Fun

May 17, 2009


Lloyd's Gigantic Day of Fun

Well, we went looking at computer monitors at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I never thought that Lloyd could out-Mart me. I went looking at all their cool stuff while he stood in a trance in front of a bank of monitors, looking stoic. Apparently he has been thinking about this decision for quite a while, and […]

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Tag… You’re It.

March 25, 2009


Tag... You're It.

Lauren is feeling a bit under the weather (which is strangely cold here now), so I get to write something during the week. That means you’ll be suffering through some more geeky stuff today. The latest version of WordPress (the software that makes this website toe the line) added tagging. So we’ve been tagging new […]

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Old Friendz

June 23, 2007


I’m leaving the typo – it’s very LOLcats, don’t ya think? Anyway, this summer we have all our ducks in a row – THREE computers for the three of us. In past summers, the boys would hog them and play their video games and such, and I had no way to check the weather or […]

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