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The Superest-Gadgety-est Ever!!!

February 29, 2008


Holy catfish do I want this!!! A whole bedroom set that fits in a 3 X 4 – foot container!! Why, oh why didn’t I invent this? All the good ideas are taken. Click here to see the video of the guys putting the whole thing together in less than three minutes. Marvel at the […]

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Old Faithful

February 28, 2008


This is my colander. I don’t often use it – just for large-scale noodle projects like lasagna, or draining just-washed-and-cut celery like tonight. I also have a little strainer with a handle for ramen and macaroni noodles, but it has no style like this guy. See that melted bottom? I did that. Years ago, I […]

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Speaking of Dora

February 27, 2008


Thanks to the mommies and sundry preschool personnel, I am given to understand that Dora’s schtick is using a map with the assistance of her damn dirty ape. Maps have been on my mind lately, too.

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Monitor monitors

February 26, 2008


For the first six years that I taught at Lincoln Lutheran, the only thing on top of my computer monitor was Super Pawn. Super Pawn was an extra. When they sent our order for chess pieces they sent a set with an extra pawn. I put it on top of the monitor. Maybe a month […]

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Technical Difficulties

February 26, 2008


Sorry, folks, but no good post today. The website was down last night, and the webmaster was sick in bed. So here’s something to entertain us all: Tell us three things that you can see by your computer. I’ll start: a bowl of cereal, my purse, a pair of scissors. Tag, you’re it! update: Lloyd […]

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Most awesome soup

February 24, 2008


Lloyd is sick again – surprise! (We’re the house of germs.) The Soup Fairy came and took care of us, though. Did you know that Annette makes the best potato soup in the world? Lloyd absolutely loves it, and for him it has become the gold standard of soups. Long ago I tried to make […]

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