Birthday TV

December 20, 2009

Cheap, Lauren, Lloyd

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. The hotel in Omaha was a fine establishment, but I think we’ll stay with the 2.5-star hotels in the future. We got the 3-star for $45 (that’s the highest rating on Price-Line), but had to pay extra for parking and there was no free wi-fi. Next time I think we’ll go for our standard $35 2-star hotel. If you use Price-Line for hotels, you should look at I think Brent Royuk told me about it.

I stared at TVs for a long time the first night, but didn’t buy anything. I wanted to do a little more research. The next day, we ended-up getting one from the clearance section that wasn’t there the first night. It’s a return. The reason for return? “Didn’t fit. Wrong size.” In my experience that means buyer’s remorse. It’s smaller than I thought I wanted, but once we got it home, I’m glad we didn’t get anything bigger. It’s a model that Consumer Reports recommended. To christen it we watched Slumdog Millionaire.

In with the new.

Oh, and Lauren got some birthday gambling in. She broke even, but I cost us $10.

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11 Responses to “Birthday TV”

  1. Amy Said on:

    Wau!! good job! I love consumer reports!! : )


  2. Amy Said on:

    And now i feel like a jerk! I didn’t wish Lauren a happy birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday Lauren! I hope it was great 😉


  3. Brad Said on:

    Look at those plants basking in the warm glow of your TV. I know how they feel.


  4. Beth Said on:

    It’s…it’s bee-u-tee-ful.


  5. Karla Said on:

    Nice! We had to get a new TV this summer. Our satellite receiver went out a week ago, so that meant it was time to upgrade to HD. Watching TV really rocks now. 🙂

    (I spent 45 minutes on the phone, but managed to talk the guy into free equipment, free delivery, free installation and free Starz (for 3 months) all because I’ve been a loyal customer for so long.)


  6. Kristi Said on:

    A perfect fit.


  7. Peggy Said on:

    Excellent!!! It’s wonderful! What a perfect gift on your perfect weekend!


  8. Lauren Said on:

    Lloyd -- call me at work, please.


  9. CousingSam Said on:

    Lloyd- call me at work too, please. I’m at home.


  10. Christina Said on:

    Lloyd, stop calling me at work (oops! that was yesterday!)


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