Mystery #17

July 2, 2011

Bad ideas, Found, Lauren, Lloyd

There’s a knoll in Lincoln in a residential neighborhood that doesn’t have anything on it. Lauren and I drive past it a few times a year, and last time we weren’t in any sort of a hurry, so we took some side streets in an attempt to see what was on the other side and why there wasn’t anything on it.

We drove all the way around and didn’t find out anything. Lots of houses had their back yard to the hill, but we couldn’t see any reason for the grassy knoll. We stopped a promising spot and walked up to the top. The trip up just kept getting stranger…

We followed that driveway out to the road, and this residential looking house is on the street. But there are no rooms in the house. Just large machines.

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Lloyd Sommerer is a middle/high school teacher who likes to build websites, read books, grow beards, make fun of Lauren’s prototypes and eat the sauce of the picante.

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9 Responses to “Mystery #17”

  1. Mark Said on:

    City water supply.


  2. Gretchen Said on:

    Landfill. Or Area 52.


  3. Beth Said on:

    I think I missed Mysteries #1-#16. Drat.


  4. Brad Said on:

    Xmen training facility?


  5. Kristi Said on:

    Danger? Does that sign say danger? You are soooooo brave.


  6. Peggy Said on:

    Plant where they inject your cows with whatever makes them taste so good?


  7. Lauren's mom Said on:

    In the top picture, you look like the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janero.


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