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Ink and hair.

September 12, 2007


I had a good hair day today!  Usually my hair looks decent the first 30 minutes of the day, then it goes super-flat super-quickly.  Other times it will look awful all day, and just as I’m getting ready for bed I’ll look in the mirror and say, “That was supposed to be it.”  Anyway, today at […]

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Seward Nebraska 4th of July Pictorial

July 4, 2007



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Taxes – Check!

April 9, 2007


They’re done, with only days to spare.  Way to go, Lloyd!  I have no picture of it actually taking place, but Lloyd said, “Just use any ol’ picture of me sitting at the computer.”  Ok, how ’bout a montage? That’s all.   Safe travels to Amsterdam, Brad.  Don’t die, and don’t have any fun, either.  

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A rebuttal to Brad’s hair posts

October 19, 2006


I hope that’s how you spell rebuttal.  Anyway, Lloyd got a haircut on Friday, and I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture.  So, I give you this:

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