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1897 vs. 2021

October 8, 2021


Lincoln map
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Dance from the Past

May 14, 2019



Beth and Tim came over yesterday. Beth dropped off a present for Lauren earlier in the day and stopped by to see it in action. But that’s a story for another time. While the girls were trying it out, it was making a sound like this: tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick […]

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No world wide web

May 9, 2016



The internet was (actually still is) down at Lincoln Lutheran for most of the day today. I told Windstream of our woes around 10:30 and bothered them every hour for an update on what they had found. Finally, at about 3:00, the 7th guy I talked to said that they had been, “really busy” and […]

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Typical Day

January 18, 2016



Lauren told me that I get to write today’s post. It’s never a comfortable thing when she says that, because I always wonder if I’m forgetting something. Is today Lauren’s birthday? Is it our anniversary? Is it some other day that, while not technically our official anniversary, is the anniversary of something that I should […]

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Lloyd saves the day. Again.

October 12, 2015



Our internet at work keeps dying. I do all that these weary hands can to fix it – trying to pump life back into a dying, aged router, helping it gasp for one last breath of Wi-Fi before it goes into that dark night (unplug it and plug it back in), but to no avail. […]

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Sundays with Samith

October 4, 2015



Samith brings Brighton into Seward on Sunday evenings to play basketball at Concordia’s youth basketball program (there’s some other name for the program, but, yeah). While Brighton is basketballing it up, Samith has been coming over to our house for what we have affectionately been calling, Sundays with Samithâ„¢. We mostly just sit around, eat […]

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