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Dinner and earth saving

October 28, 2015



Beth came over tonight to feed me. Remember her oven died on Sunday? Well, she set out some chicken to thaw and forgot she couldn’t cook it. That might just be the story she told me because she pities me, but I’ll take it. It was delicious. I did wonder about the jeans she served, […]

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Better Butter… wait, I already used that title.

January 26, 2015



A couple of weeks ago, the ‘lid’ to my ‘new’ butter system slipped out of my hand and chipped. Surprise, surprise. What did I expect from buttery glass? I spent a good long time thinking about how to replace it. At various stores, I looked at containers for holding pencils, toothbrushes, sewing goods, fishing tackle […]

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Light Log Stardate 92351.67 (Supplemental)

September 30, 2014



Last week we had 5 major lighting technologies represented in our house: incandescent, florescent, halogen, compact florescent and fire. Today I’m proud to announce the addition of LED lighting. I tricked Lauren into doing most of the shopping on Sunday by standing in front of the light bulb display and pretending to carefully read labels. […]

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It’s not white… it’s pearl!

July 22, 2014



14 years of waiting is finally over. I bought a used Prius yesterday. I also bought Lauren a tablecloth. 13 years ago I was deciding between buying a $24,000 Prius and a $14,000 Civic. The Honda won and has served in good stead for well over a decade. We purchased it the weekend after 9/11 because […]

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Experimenting with a cooler

June 23, 2014



Ever since we killed the little refrigerator in the basement, we haven’t had a place to put drinks to keep cold. It is absolutely not a problem since I am exclusively drinking Tang and instant coffee, but since people are coming over, I thought it might be nice to offer them a beverage that didn’t […]

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Dream dream dream

October 7, 2013



I had to go to Orsheln’s to buy some dowels and overpriced masking tape (fist shake). while there, I ….. Wait. Let’s step back in time to remember that I am a crazy reason in winter when it comes to managing heat. I also have a great love of fire. I don’t know if I’ve […]

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